Ra Ra Brunonia: Rhode Island Hall


Rhode Island Hall seems to be one of the more unnoticed buildings on the Main Green—some only know it as Joukowsky, while others have never set foot inside. Little do people know that Rhode Island Hall has an incredibly cool history… and even used to home to a large collection of taxidermy (among other things). Yes, you read correctly.

Rhode Island Hall was built in 1840 to create new space for the Departments of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Geology, and Natural History. Its name reflected the fact that the building was almost funded entirely by Rhode Islanders. The second floor of Rhode Island Hall was also Brown’s Museum of Natural History, which displayed a large variety of taxidermy and osteological species. Continue Reading

Zz-ing your way to straight A’s

We Brown students like to have our cake and eat it too.  This often leads to us burning the candle at both ends by staying up late and (sometimes) still attending our early morning classes.  In order to continue operating at our prime, something’s gotta give, and that something is just one more reason college leaves high school in the dust: the delight of an afternoon nap.  Almost all of us do it, and we all do it in different places.  Some people like it the traditional way in a private place, some like the thrill of the public snooze sesh, and others are non-discriminating in where they doze.  If the spirit moves you, don’t be shy to catch some Z’s.  Luckily, Brown offers a plethora of amazing places to sneak a few REM cycles.

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