Adventures at RISD: Open Studios (Part Two)

Armed with my map/sticker sheet as well as Blog buddy, Sarah Campbell ’19, I was ready to continue the RISD Open Studios adventure on Friday which showcased nine different majors. Although we originally went for the art, there were a lot non-art related things that kept us there.

Furniture at Metcalf:


While not necessarily functional, the furniture at open studios was gravity defying, thought provoking, and really freaking cool. After a solid 10 minutes of art appreciating, we continued to stay for the party in the studio loft, complete with twinkle lights, and a pancake bar. Yes, that’s right, a fully stocked pancake bar with fruit, Nutella, whipped cream, and nuts. Furniture pulled out all the stops to woo people to their department. Also, let’s not forget the sticker. The sticker was a naked human body, but instead of a head, a chair. Odd, yes. But definitely dope.

Sculpture at Metcalf:


These seniors were shameless in promotion. They rode down the halls of the other studios in Metcalf on a rolling cart decked out in metallic welding suits (and not much else) shouting at everyone to come to their party. And that was no lie. To entice prospective RISD freshmen, Sculpture straight up threw a party, complete with a DJ, two people commissioned to dance on a table permanently, and flashing lights. Your very own Blog ambassadors joined in on the fun, and wished deep down we went there. We also definitively appreciated the rather provocative dancing to “Who Let the Dogs Out” while an actual dog walked through the studio club.

Ceramics at Metcalf:

While we are plenty sure the art was amazing, to be honest, we don’t remember anything except for the fact that there was kiln pizza. Now, what is kiln pizza? It is exactly what it sounds like. Seniors created pizza (and not just boring old pizza, but fancy pizza with prosciutto and arugula) that was fired in their kiln. To top it off, marshmallows were roasted in a mini-kiln as a quick dessert.   

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Adventures at RISD: Open Studios (Part One)


To some, Senior Open Studios is a way to decide on a major. To others – namely, me – it’s a fun way to see some cool art and get closer to our artsy neighbors. Plus, there were stickers to collect at each station.


The first night, Thursday, November 5th, showcased seven different majors: printmaking, textiles, painting, apparel, industrial design, interior architecture, and architecture. I unfortunately did not make it to apparel, textiles, or interior design, all of which my partner-in-crime and I deemed “too far.”

The showcases that I did make it to all shared one theme: my longing to suddenly develop an exceptional talent that would impress RISD enough to admit me. Goodbye Brown, it’s not you, it’s me.

Printmaking at Benson Hall

The first of my showcases was printmaking, which had a heaven and hell theme. In hell (also known as the second floor), I met Sarah RISD ’16, self described as an obsessive and intense worker, who used to be a ceramics student who switched over to printmaking because of the “meticulous nature of the craft.” I also met Oliver Dewey RISD ’16, whose work is based mostly on escapism, using fantasy to retreat. Check out his work at his website. Then, I made my way upstairs to heaven, where I was instantly greeted with a gold pipe cleaner halo to wear as I wandered the studio. I met Caroline Robinson RISD ’16 whose stunning work is inspired by female anatomy and depersonalization. Her work can be found here.

Sticker score: Strong. Unlike other studios, they had a variety of stickers to choose from, all revolving around the theme including Victoria’s Secret angels and devil’s food cake.

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