Art School(ed): JISD, a RISD neighbor in the blogosphere


In the spring of 2013, a new blog erupted on the RISD cyber scene. Down the hill from the Main Green, Jen Berry started posting a comic series, JISD, informed by all she had experienced throughout RISD’s Foundation year. (Foundation year is RISD terminology for the freshman class’ mandatory, studio-intensive curriculum. Along with two introductory liberal arts courses per term, freshmen must take all three of the 8-hour long Foundation studio courses in the fall and spring semester: Drawing, Design, and Spatial Dynamics. RISD freshmen can be recognized by the charcoal under their fingernails and the bags under their eyes.)

JISD took the bounty of absurd material from this sleepless year and transformed it into an entertaining and witty comic series that can make any Foundation year rosier and more bearable. JISD pulls back the curtain and serves as an accurate lens into the lifestyle of a typical RISD student (if such a thing as a “typical RISD student” exists). Now a sophomore, Berry pens more about rising from the bottom of the RISD food chain and spending her first year in a declared major. Art School(ed) got up close and personal with this art school blogging legend, after the jump. Continue Reading