Drunk/Sober/High: Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular

Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Drunk

In this edition of Drunk/Sober/High, three of our writers traveled to the far-away land of the Roger Williams Park Zoo to visit the one and only Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular 2013: Pumpkinville USA. Here are our thoughts:


Drunk: I am pregaming alone in my room while my roommate does work. I take a shot and chase it with hard cider, and try to figure out what one wears to a Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular. Is it kosher to dress up as a Jack-O-Lantern? I fill a water bottle with alcohol (so badass), but as I’m leaving I decide I don’t have enough, so I add two more shots and then go find Sober and High.

Sober: The last time I participated in a drunk/sober/high, I was the drunkest kitty on a Providence Ghost Tour. That being said, I’m a little nervous to chaperone my drunk and high friends to the zoo.

High: My roommates are engaged in social conversation and I am in the corner smoking alone. Auspicious beginning. Continue Reading