The Rosh Hashanah Rundown

Rosh Hashanah is here! Services and meals are open to all (and are free!) to ensure that you have a meaningful and delicious Rosh Hashanah. Remember to bring your Brown ID to swipe in for meals at Hillel, and RSVP for meals at Chabad.

Here is a quick campus-wide Rosh Hashanah Rundown:

Wednesday, September 28

6:15 pm: Conservative Service (Hillel Social Hall)
6:15 pm: Reform Service (Hillel Chapel)
7:15 pm: Service at Chabad (Chabad House of College Hill; 12 Olive Street)
7:45 pm: Hillel Dinner (Hillel)
7:45 pm: Chabad Dinner (Chabad House of College Hill; RSVP
9:00 pm: Hillel Meet and Greet Dessert (Hillel Terrace)   Continue Reading