Weather you like it or not: Nemo’s coming to find us

nemo says hello

Continuing the 2012-2013 trend of not-so-cute storms named after completely adorable pop culture characters, Nor’easter Nemo—now many leagues over the sea—is going to find us. Weather forecasts estimate that Nemo will bring 12 to 18 inches of snow with the potential to top two feet and that Nemo will go down in history as the blizzard not to mess with. Classes have already been cancelled in anticipation of this forthcoming Nor’easter.

I guess we touched the butt.touched the butt gif

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Our pic(k)s: The Halloweek of Sandy (Cohen)

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Guess what? We’ve finally hopped on the Instagram train. Follow us at @blogdailyherald to get a glimpse into happenings and goings-on at Brown and on College Hill through an Instagram filter. If you see anything pic-worthy, snap it and send it to or tag us on Instagram @blogdailyherald and we’ll give you the photo cred. 

Christina Paxson, I owe you a goat

Here’s a roundup of our favorite Facebook statuses in reaction to last night’s school closure announcement.  Keep up the good work, friends—this is what Facebook statuses were made for. We wish you all the best as you celebrate the day with all the rampant-raging, goat-gifting, Paxson-praising, and Cohen-courting you can take.

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Your Hurricane Sandy (Cohen) Update: Classes canceled!

Not only did Sandy Cohen totally annihilate all the other ninjas, he also cancelled classes tomorrow.  Hoorah!