FlogDailyHerald: Saturday finals


On the list of things that just don’t go together—which includes such atrocities as mustard and yogurt, jeans and rain, and curry and tequila (trust me)—Saturdays and finals rank number one.

This semester, two of my finals are on Saturdays. That’s right, both of the times in which I have to sit down for three hours, write down every bit of information that might possibly be relevant, and try to squeeze by on the curve, I have to do so under the heavy weight of knowledge that I’m taking a final ON A WEEKEND.

These aren’t my only final assignments, by the way. I also have two final papers, a final presentation, and a final exam masquerading as a midterm, but I can deal, because they are not ON A SATURDAY.

Saturdays are sacred. Saturday is the day to lie in bed until 1p.m., the day to get over your hangover by consuming solely bagels and yellow Gatorade (before consuming more hangover-inducing substances), the day to pretend you got a little work done, and the day that allows you to keep your sanity throughout the rest of the week. Continue Reading

12 Days of Spring Weekend: Andrew Bird and why he’ll knock your quirky socks off


“Do you wonder where the self resides/Is it in the head or between your sides/ And who would be the one who will decide its true location?”

No, this isn’t a quote by Foucault, though I wouldn’t be surprised if this artist followed his work religiously.

I’m not talking about the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem; I’m actually talking about the (also wickedly talented) Chicago-based singer songwriter and professional whistler slash violinist Andrew Bird. Emphasis on professional whistler because seriously, his whistling is out of this world. Did I mention he’s also worked for organizations like The Yellow Bird Project, Reverb and contributed to an HIV and AIDS benefit album? Watch out, Bono. Oh, and if this doesn’t inspire you to check him out, one of his albums received a rating of 9.0 on the relentless Pitchfork scale so yeah.  You know he’s all that.

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Web Civ: Rebecca Black’s triumphant return

Whether you were kickin’ in the front seat or sittin’ in the backseat, I’m sure you remember exactly where you were when Rebecca Black’s “Friday” became the song of the decade week back in 2011. But in her iconic song, Rebecca leaves us with a cliffhanger: “Today i-is Friday… Tomorrow is Saturday.” If you’ve spent every day for the past two and a half years wondering what her Saturday was like, as I have, the suspense is finally over: Rebecca released her new music video, “Saturday,” on Saturday, December 7th. It has racked up 12 million views in three days, and it’s every bit as fun, fun, fun, fun as I could have imagined. Continue Reading