When do you say hello? A guide for the overly friendly

Two things about me: I am obscenely friendly, and I have the memory of a metaphorical elephant. Taken apart, neither of these qualities would really be considered negative, but put them together and I become the orchestrator of awkward moments galore.

I am the girl who, senior year, remembers that one time I shook your hand at a Keeney party in 2009. Sometimes I pretend I don’t, because I don’t want to make you feel bad for — unsurprisingly — not remembering me. But then the big question arises: do I say hello to you as we pass on the Main Green in the rush between classes?

If you’re as freaky as me, this is a legitimate dilemma. When do you suppress your urge to befriend all 6,000+ students at this university for the sake of not making people uncomfortable? And when should you embrace your encyclopedic memory? Here’s how I manage:

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