Straight Talk, with Straight Boy Crush writer Nick Vitrano ’13

“White iPhone. Ballsy.” These were the first sassy words to come out of Nick Vitrano’s (’13) mouth as we sat down for our interview. Not “Hey how are you?” or “Sam, I love that orange graphic T that 100% did not come from Urban.” No, he commented on the apparent ballsiness of having a white iPhone (his, of course, was black). I, for one, did not know that my white cell phone made such a statement, but this was only the beginning what would be a truly edifying evening.

For those of you who don’t know Nick (but seriously, who doesn’t know him), he’s an openly gay member of the class of 2013, who “likes to say ‘fabulous’ in a voice, like, a half octave higher than most males.” Besides being “fabulous,” he’s also the creator/writer of the wildly popular tumblr: Straight Boy Crush of the Week. If the name isn’t clear enough, here’s the deal: each week Nick picks a straight boy, spends some time with him (read: time for sexy photography) and then posts a humorous write-up on the blog. And despite its focus on hunky men, the blog’s real star is Nick, and thus we took some time to get to know him in the Blue Room, a well-known spot for staking out straight boys to crush on. Read the interview and see the photos, after the jump.

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