Frosh-cessities: Pulling an all-nighter

As the all-nighter delirium sets in, your Louis eggs may turn into bear heads.

As the all-nighter delirium sets in, your Louis eggs may turn into bear heads.

A few weeks ago, I did the SciLi challenge. No, not that SciLi challenge—think of this as the nighttime, SciLi version of the Ratty challenge. I spent all night in the SciLi, and capped it off with a little Louis. Like the Ratty challenge, my all-nighter consisted of food, some work, more food, and a hallucination or two.

For some, the all-nighter is a routine experience the night before that weekly problem set is due; for others, it’s only done on weekend nights when partying til the a.m. I had never pulled a real all-nighter before, so for the sake of journalism (and the fact that I had to finish two problem sets by the next morning), I did the new SciLi challenge and recorded my experiences gradual descent into delirium.

9:00 p.m. Guys, I think we can finish this problem set before midnight!

Spoiler alert: This did not happen.
Problems completed: 0/6

9:28 p.m. What the fuck is this shit? Physics? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

10:00 p.m. “Sorry y’all, we have this room reserved.” Really? You actually have the nerve to—okay fine, whatever. We move to another SciLi study room.

11:00 p.m. “Hey guys, sorry but we have this room—” Reserved, yeah, we get it, alright? We move to a third study room.


Problems completed: 1/6

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For future reference: A long weekend activities guide

It’s been a week since Fall Weekend, and I’ve certainly come to appreciate the activity and bustle of campus since those three days during which the whole college was almost disconcertingly empty. Still, a quiet campus affords opportunities for mischief you’d never be able to get away with on any regular weekend. Next long weekend/break when you’re hanging back at Brown, why not try out some of these fun-filled activities?

Streak across the Main Green

Some people do this regardless of whether or not the University is empty. I’m somewhat of a Puritan, so I like to save my naked escapades for when there are fewer than 50 people on the Green.

Imitate this scene in the Ratty (best followed by bolting for the exit before angry BDS workers confront you)

Because we all like to get our Norse God on every once in a while. Disclaimer: I maintain that Thor was terrible, but this scene is obscenely fun to reproduce.

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ZOMG three day weekend: A guide to preventing boredom

Staying in Providence over long weekend?  Why not check a few things off of that good old Brown must-do list:

  1. The Ratty challenge. This Saturday’s menu features eggplant parm for lunch and “tortellini provencale” for dinner—both of which ought to make fine meals indeed.  Just make sure you bring others: solo all-day-Ratty-sits can get mighty boring.
  2. The RISD art museum. Oh yeah, by the way, that art school down the street houses a museum with some of the most famous impressionist paintings in the world.  If you haven’t gone down there yet, or if you’re just hankering for a dose of the finer side of college life (Wednesday night FishCo can’t satisfy that craving for everyone, after all), make sure you check it out this weekend.
  3. Federal Hill.  Federal Hill, a.k.a. “the heartbeat of Providence”, is home to some ridiculously awesome (and by that, we mean out-of-this-world-delicious) Italian restaurants.  And no, they’re not all absurdly expensive.  Stick to the basics and make sure you get something with red sauce.  Om-nom-nom.
  4. Host a potluck dinner. Okay, so we lied.  You could very easily graduate from Brown without ever hosting a potluck dinner and not feel empty inside.  But why would you ever want to go four years at college without ever going for a lil’ po’luck?   Invite others to cook their own dishes (and we know, dorm kitchens aren’t very well equipped, but that’s half the fun!) and bring them over for some old fashioned fine-(do-it-yourself)-dining.
  5. The SciLi challenge. 14 floors, 14 shots. Can you do it?*

*The BlogDailyHerald accepts no legal responsibility for any injury you may inflict on yourself or others as a result of attempting the SciLi challenge.  There’s a reason they call it a challenge (otherwise it would be…say, the SciLi walk in the park.  And where’s the fun in that?).