The best club (names) at Brown

The second semester activities fair is tomorrow tonight, and if you went first semester (ehem, freshmen), you’ll know it’s a completely intimidating affair with hoards of people crowded into a narrow space and hundreds of upper classmen demanding your email if you so much as glance at their poster. So, if you choose to forgo second semester activities in the much more civilized Alumae Hall (or just forgot), never fear! Brown has a nifty interface called BearSync that lists all of the 400+ clubs in a Facebook style fashion with a profile and a newsfeed of current happenings. And if that’s still too much for you to handle, some Brown clubs have particularly creative names that you should join for the sole purpose of being able to tell someone with a straight face you are a part of the ARRR!!! Club (said with truth enthusiasm).


                 Proof of first semester madness

Beard Appreciation Society: I would imagine this club is a must for any semi-hipsters school. Their profile page claims to critique famous facial hair and discuss beards in the news and social media, and you don’t even need to have facial hair! While it’s unclear if any of that actually happens or not, the name will definitely make you chuckle.


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Frosh-cessities: The joys of your second semester

First semester freshman year is an odd time. You’re finally at Brown after a summer of waiting, but it’s not your home yet. Since you’re not living at home for the first time, you’re basically unleashing your repressed self around people you don’t really know. It’s a recipe for delicious disaster.

However, your second semester is a completely different world. With a heightened sense of stability and less of a deer-in-headlights look on your face, Brown feels more manageable, a place you really understand. Sort of.

There are some key differences between first and second semester that seem small but make a world of difference. Here they are:

The signature deer-in-headlights freshman look.

“This is college?”

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