Public Service Announcement: We miss you already

With the end of both the semester and The Herald’s regular production schedule — and as your adoring editors attempt to get their lives back together and, um, pass their classes and graduate and stuff — we may be slowing down a bit over here at BlogDailyHerald, but never fear! We’ll still be updating regularly and doing our damnedest to give you all the news that’s fit to print put on the internet.

As we wind down and reflect on our first few months of bloggage, it’s time for a few much-needed — if entirely self-indulgent — shout-outs to all those who have made this thing possible:

First, none of this would be possible without our readers. When we started this thing, we had no idea whether it would catch on at all. Now, just a few months later, we’ve been lucky enough to find at least a handful of you who appreciate lowbrow humor, cereal fetishism, drug innuendo and Lady Gaga enough to keep coming back. Thanks for sticking with us, and as always, we encourage you to drop us a line at and let us know what’s working and what’s not, what you’d like to see more of, and what we can do to make this a space for everyone. (And if you want to write for us, holler!!) Continue Reading