Brian Griffin isn’t actually dead after all


Many Family Guy viewers were devastated the show’s writers decided to kill off Brian Griffin, the Griffin family’s dog, on November 24th. Viewers were outraged, and created online petitions demanding Brian’s return. We even wrote him a very heartfelt obituary, since he was once a Brown student, after all.

In yesterday’s episode, however, Stewie was able to travel back in time and save Brian just before he was struck by the car that killed him in the previous episode. Some people on the internet are attributing the Brian’s revival to demands and petitions from Family Guy‘s pissed-off audience. But Family Guy episodes take months to make, which means that the writers always had the intention of bringing Brian back. Continue Reading

Art School(ed): RISD Alumni Cheat Sheet, Part 1

HistoryScenario: You find yourself at a house party, and your intrigue is piqued by an unfamiliar collegian across the room, wearing a paint-splattered t-shirt emblazoned with the RISD seal. It’s a classic conundrum: two kids from the opposite sides of town, searching for some common ground. You could initiate conversation with age-old ice breakers—”are your calves so defined from walking up the Hill every day?” or, “is it true that you have 8-hour-long studio classes?!” But why not distinguish yourself as the burgeoning free-thinker you are, and discuss the many artists who walked these streets before you did? Maybe you won’t run into any new RISD kids this semester (they won’t be seeing much daylight as they prepare for their impending final critiques), but why not go home for break and impress your mom with these fun facts about artistic beginnings on College Hill? After all, you live in Providence, the self-proclaimed creative capital of the US, and college has transformed you into a learned sophisticate!

Here is your cheat sheet of some eccentric and accomplished artists who have graced the College Hill grounds currently beneath your feet, after the jump:

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Seth MacFarlane to host 85th annual Academy Awards

That smile could launch a thousand Megs.

Seth MacFarlane, beloved RISD alumnus and creator of the controversial (yet lovable) cartoon show Family Guy, will host the Academy Awards this year.

We all remember the clusterfuck that went down two years ago: James Franco completely forgot that he was going to host the Oscars all together, much less that his co-host would be Anne Hathaway. Watching a guy with the weirdest smile known to man emcee the biggest event in cinema while flat-out baked was…unfortunate. If he had any shame he might have atoned for his Hollywood sins by actually cutting off that arm.

To ensure that the younger generation of talent wouldn’t totally flop again, the Academy wisely played it safe with the classic Billy Crystal the following year. Everyone, young and old, can agree that last year’s Oscars was wonderfully refreshing and nostalgic at the same time: a trusted man hosting a show that gives awards to trusted actors like Meryl Streep and Christopher Plummer.

Sure, MacFarlane is certainly a change of pace from good ol’ Billy Crystal. Entertainment Weekly attributes the selection of MacFarlane to his rise in celebrity over the past year, from his appearance on SNL to his box office hit Ted.  If you think way back when to when you had time to watch Family Guy, there are countless episodes that poke fun at sophisticated cinema and some that feature full-blown musical numbers. So remember that while he is a absurdly funny guy, Seth MacFarlane knows his shit. He’s also the undisputed master of gratuitous tangents, so expect an obscene amount of offbeat non sequiturs.

Who knows…maybe he will be great. Maybe he’ll even pull a Ricky Gervais at the Emmys and have to host the following year just to make amends with all the actors he offends. Regardless, we’re pumped that one of College Hill’s own will get his shot on the big stage.

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