Drunk/Sober/High: Mister Sister

One snowy Saturday, three bloggers decided to get drunk, sober, and high and go to Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park. Upon arrival, they were informed that the wait time was over two hours. After contemplating bribing small children with candy for their special orange Sky Zone socks or sneaking into an 8-year-old’s birthday party, they decided it would be best to put their jumping plans on hold. What was Plan B, you might ask? No, not ceramics painting, or attending the Providence Children’s Museum. The bloggers decided to venture to Wickenden Street’s own sex shop, Mister Sister. There, they stumbled upon a variety of edible sex items and decided to try–or in this case just taste–them. 


A taste (get it?!) of what’s to come…

High: I’ve been to Mister Sister before (guilty), but never bought anything. I think I might want to touch everything. I hope the employee working there can’t tell I’m high. Wow, I never realized how many random fucking fast food restaurants there are in Rhode Island.

This place is awesome and freaky at the same time. If you’ve never been in, you should go. I’ve always wondered why we have a campus sex shop and not, like, a chopped salad restaurant. I know those things are completely unrelated, but I think I’m still angry about Skewers. Such a waste of space.

Drunk: I didn’t realize just how many shapes could be transformed into a vibrator. Some look like small pebbles that you could skip across a river, while others resemble Gumby. Christian’s Grey’s character makes more sense after flipping boxes to find the price tags – most “toys” were $60+. My budget doesn’t really cover kinky at the moment.

Sober: Drunk is giggling to herself. High keeps touching everything, which for some reason makes me uncomfortable even though I know the display products are clean. Some of these vibrators are so small and cute!!!

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Letter from the EIC: Purchasing Chinese sex toys

BlogDailyHerald gets some pretty weird spam. A little over a year ago, we received a polite email from a “sex toys manufacturer in DongGuan city of China,” offering to fufill any of our varied sex toy needs. Our now Editor-in-Chief, who was interested in the possibility of purchasing adult toys from DongGuan, decidedly engaged in thoughtful email correspondence with Winy, the salesman from Leaslo Sex Toys co.ltd. What better way to prepare for Valentine’s Day, the most romantic of holidays, than read the exchange of questions and information between a curious editor and his faithful sex toy supplier? We now present to you, “Re: i am interested in your audlt massager toy.”



Dear sir:
This is Winy kong from lealso sex toys co.ltd.

Lealso international sex toys.co.,ltd is a professional adult products, sex toys manufacturer in DongGuan city of China. Experienced in design & manufacture of sex toys. Our current flagship products include vibrating eggs, vibrators, massagers, dildos, vibrating cock rings, anal toys, masturbate cups, and man & woman sex toys

we have experienced design team and skilled workers in this line, so if you have any need in this kind of product, please contact us, i will offer you our best price
Looking forward your inquiry with detailed request

Best regards
Winy kong


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Alums who do cool things: Aida Manduley ‘11

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 1.32.28 AM

If you’re an upperclassman, you probably remember Aida Manduley walking across campus in her bright orange tights and pink metallic Doc Martens. She may have approached you and handed you a condom. If you don’t know Aida, you’re in luck: she’s back on campus to present a workshop on sex toys for Sex Week. Queering the Toybox will take place TONIGHT (Wednesday, March 13) in Metcalf Auditorium from 7-8:30 p.m.

If you’re a sex toy expert, or if the thought of using a hunk of plastic to pleasure yourself freaks you out: attend the workshop! Aida will introduce some new cutting-edge sex toys, like eco-friendly items and toys using microchips.

Mags sat down with Aida last week to learn about her time at Brown and her life as an alum. Aida hails from Puerto Rico. Her sexual development began online, finding comfort and support through online forums and communities. When she got to Brown, she immersed herself in work with the Queer Alliance, eventually branching out into broader sex and sexuality topics. SHEEC, the Sexual Health Education and Empowerment Council, started in 2007, Aida’s freshman year. The next year, Aida became SHEEC Chair and Sex Week became her brain child.  Sex Week has started some amazing events, such as Spoon Me, Fork Me: An Evening of Sensual Pleasures (a discussion of food porn). It also has featured amazing speakers like Megan Andelloux, the founder of the Center for Sexual Health and Pleasure (CSHP) in Pawtucket, RI. Continue Reading

Sextion: The slut paddle and other comical but offensive sex toys


Welcome to another enlightening and arousing semester of Sextion! I, Monica Bruinsky, have the distinct pleasure and honor of welcoming the vivacious vixen Margaret Snatcher to the BlogDH team. She and I will be collaborating on Sextion posts throughout the semester, answering more of your questions and digging deep into the steamy, salacious, and sordid sex lives of Brown students.

Have you ever been at a holiday gift exchange and been the person that opens the box with the candy thong? I can’t speak from experience because I never have been—maybe that’s because I’m the person who always brings those kinds of gifts.

So we’ve all seen the furry handcuffs and the penis pasta, but it’s time to get over Spencer’s as our main store for funny sex things. It’s time to up the ante. It’s time to look past your run-of-the-mill dildos and vibrators. Time to make it funnier. Time to make it more uncomfortable. Check out some of the most ridiculous sex toys after the jump. Continue Reading