Feeling Sexy? There’s a Week for That

The sidewalk has spoken, Sex Week 2011 is now in effect through the 19th. While it officially started yesterday, this week promises several informative (and free!) events for the 2/3 of sexually active college age folk (though Brown, with its exceptionally green and vegan student body, tends to transcend statistics). Here are the most interesting-looking events for each day of the week:

Monday 3/14: Sex and Chocolate in the Dark in South Wayland Lounge at 8 pm. Do you like anonymous discussion about sex in dark spaces? Then this one’s for you. Not sure what the connection between an aphrodisiac and sex talk is…but free food is free food.

Tuesday 3/15: Peg-Ass-Us at 155 Angell St. at 7:30 pm. Wins the award for best name, but what is it? A romantic comedy performance about…gay sex. Featuring sing-alongs and nudity, this one should not be missed.

Wednesday 3/16: Raunchy Bake Sale on the Main Green at noon. People have said food can be sexy, but this may take that notion to new heights. This event promises baked goods in shapes “too hot to handle” and a Butternut Squash contest (oh my). Free safe sex supplies so you don’t have to feel bad about snubbing your RC 15 cents.

Thursday 3/17: Brief History of Sex Toys in Salomon 003 at noon. Sex toys and college have had a rocky relationship as of late, but this workshop will fulfill your burning desire to find out where your vibrator came from, assumedly without the live demonstration.

Friday 3/18: Flashbang in Kasper Multipurpose Room at 10 pm. For those who need some flash banging between their SexPowerGod and Starfuck. An “explosive evening” with music, raffles, goodie bags and, you guessed it, more sex toys.

Saturday 3/19: Kink for All Providence 2 in SmittyB from 10 am – 5 pm. No, it’s not the newest installment in Providence’s porn industry, but a day of workshops and discussions about the relationship between life and sex. Sign up here.

‘The Wet Spots’ — Sex Week at Brown Finale

Friday night closed 2010’s Sex Week at Brown with a performance by ‘The Wet Spots’–a self proclaimed bisexual, polygamist, husband and wife duo who sing about, well, sex. Their performance was quite funny, filled with laughter, uncomfortable moments, and even some audience participation (we’ll leave that one up to your imagination.)

In case you missed it, here’s a link to the duo’s website where you can see videos and more: http://www.wetspotsmusic.net/

Also of note, while it’s true that Sex Week at Brown featured performances like this one, as it’s organizer pointed out in her introduction for the evening, it also provided a forum for discussions about safe sex, sexual harassment, and sexuality in many different arenas–not just seemingly ‘out-there’ events like this one.

We look forward to Sex Week at Brown 2011!