Love Me Tinder

New Year’s Resolution 2013: I was not going to be alone on Valentine’s Day. This year, I would open my heart, find love, and live happily ever after. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. A real relationship requires honesty, integrity, and never, ever forgetting to shave your legs. But I knew could do it. And I had discovered just the place to find love: Tinder.

If you haven’t experienced the glory of Tinder, let me spell it out for you. Tinder is an iPhone app that links into your Facebook, takes your profile picture and age, and then creates a profile, which can be viewed by other Tinder users located near you. Those Tinder users can then vote “yes” or “no” to your picture. If a person says yes to your picture, and you say yes to their picture, then Tinder allows you two to talk. It seemed the best way to really get to know my future mate.


Step 1: View Profile. Step 2: Yes or No? Step 3: Match

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