Sexy vs. creative costumes: Pros and cons

Most girls can’t wait to squeeze into their first sexy halloween costume inappropriately early in middle school, but by the time we’re young women we learn that sexy costumes are a double-edged sword. Maybe in your artsy high school you could get away with something like my old costume (shown below), but how will that hold up in the bump and grind world of Brown’s Halloween parties?  Realistically, it’s rather unlikely that you’ll find a costume that’s simultaneously sexy and creative, so you’re probably going to have to make a few tough choices before you head out to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve. Before you take that big step towards either unique or skimpy, consider the pros and cons of donning each type of costume.

The Creative Costume:

My friend came dressed as a Samsung Galaxy S3 but I sued her into leaving the party


  • Your get-up will serve as an excellent conversation-starter as everyone crowds around the Svedka
  • Creative costumes tend to bare less skin, keeping you warmer while you wait in line for parties
  • Confident enough that your costume is top notch? Submit it to our second annual costume contest


  • Homemade costumes tend to fall apart before the night is over. For example, this weekend I ended up holding my costume up with my teeth on the dance floor.
  • You won’t feel like you’re “hot stuff.” If you’re wearing some sort of inanimate object, like a chair or an airplane propeller (don’t ask me, they just seem novel), you’re probably not going to feel sexy, which can be tough on the ol’ ego when you’re surrounded by a bunch of nearly naked classmates.
  • You’ll overheat at all of the parties you go to, and nothing can cut short a raucous Halloween evening quite like a woozy collapse on the dance floor. Continue Reading