More shit we love on Tuesdays: Gorilla in Orgo!

If you are in need of a GorillaGram for a friend, contact information is provided on the YouTube site. Your perfect Valentine’s Day gift? We think yes.

Shit We Love: Tuesdays

Five reasons Tuesdays are excellent, in order of increasing obscurity.

1.  Two-for-1 Tuesdays. We’ll also take this opportunity to point out that *liking* Geoff’s Facebook page gets you a 2-for-1 coupon you can use any day of the week. Tunaberry erry day!

2. Quesadillas at Jo’s.  Though Monday burritos might leave us conflicted…

3. $7 Movies at Providence Place Mall. This is a real deal when it comes to 3D movies, which also cost only $7 on Tuesdays (as opposed to a gazillion dollars normally). We had a great time at Beauty and the Beast, just saying.

4. Dollar Burger Night at Bar Louie, downtown. Crazy cheap.

5. Star GazingLadd Observatory is open to the public on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9 pm, if the weather permits. But in cloudy Providence, it somehow never does, which can make this Tuesday event very obscured indeed.

Shit We Love: Awesome iPhone Cases

Are you a recent iPhone covert? Has Siri seduced you into joining the dark side? Are you concerned that your lackluster case doesn’t adequately display your bitchin’ new accessory? Fear no more, BlogDH’s got your back.

Despite being annoyingly hackneyed, there’s no denying that retro is the not so  new cool. Use the word vintage to describe a recent purchase of yours and heads are sure to turn.

OMG, I LOVE THAT LLAMA PONCHO! Where’d you get it?
     It’s vintage…

Now, throw the word “ironic” into the mix and you’re a style god. No one can touch you. It’s here, at the intersection of ironically awesome and brilliantly old school that the casette tape iPhone case comes in. Not only is it an homage to a simpler time, but it’s sure to start a conversation or two, simultaneously perplexing and astounding onlookers until they have no choice but to compliment you on your bangin’ new purchase.  An iPhone case that shields dear Siri from the elements while also securing you new friends in the process? Take a swig of tiger blood, because that’s what we call #winning.

Shit We Love: the Bodum 16-oz. Travel Mug

Money can’t buy you love or happiness, but well-designed material items can make your life really fucking great. Though BlogDailyHerald has plenty of swag, we don’t get free swag, and no one is paying us to be this effusive.

Don’t own a travel mug? Buy this one now. Already own a travel mug? Give it to someone who deserves items of inferior quality, buy this one and never look back.

The Bodum travel mug does not leak. At all. You put this thing in your backpack, and there are no worries because your beverage will most definitely stay in its container, even upside down. No need to keep the mug upright in one of those intense beverage-holder mesh pouches my $15 Jansport definitely did not come with. And it’s clear! Which means you can watch the milk swirl into your coffee. Is anything more sublime than watching milk swirl into coffee? Only this travel mug.  Continue Reading