FALL2014: Course Superlatives


We have reached that point in the year when no one pays attention in lecture anymore, but this week, it’s for an understandable reason: it’s preregistration time. Everyone is perfecting their Banner carts during class, and thanks to the creativity (or lack thereof) of many professors, browsing the Fall 2014 course listings is infinitely more entertaining than lecture. We present another round of course superlatives:

Most doable:
ENGL0910: How to Read a Poem

Most difficult to convince your parents to spend tuition on:
ENGL1511: Scandalous Victorians
MUSC0607: Old-Time String Band

Most likely to dissuade you from concentrating in the department:
ENGN0130: The Engineer’s Burden: Why Changing the World is Difficult

Most identical twinning:
BIOL1050: Biology of the Eukaryotic Cell
BIOL2050: Biology of the Eukaryotic Cell

Most likely to lead to a first date:
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Brown sweatshirts and sweaters, ranked

Perhaps in your rush to buy — if you’re into that kind of thing — your textbooks during the past couple of weeks, you looked at, tried on, or even bought some swanky new Brown apparel. And maybe, given this semester’s generally horrendous winter weather, you wanted to beef up the sub-arctic section of your closet. A Brown sweater or sweatshirt would be a great addition to your wardrobe, right? Well, as long as you can free yourself from paralyzing indecision over the seemingly unlimited options you have. Seriously, there are too many kinds of sweaters for sale, particularly crewnecks. We’re here to give you our favorites so you can cut through the Brown-themed clutter. Note: I’m a man, and, though I tried to keep this list as unisex as possible, but I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge about the women’s section of the Bookstore.

Hate. Polo.

10. Ralph Lauren quarter-zip. Death to this and its kind. This isn’t even one of our fake colors (see #8). I’m not at all a fan of the name-brand invasion of the book store (see: Under Armour). You’re paying upwards of $100 for a little white guy on a horse. If you grab some binoculars, however, you can see a Brown logo. I think.

photo (8)

9. Fake football jersey. Ok, I understand what the goal was here. You get to look like you just spanked URI in the Governor’s Cup, without the mud stains, concussions, or athleticism. The execution, however, is lacking to say the least. We were founded in 1764, not 17… 64.

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SPRING2014: Course Superlatives


Pre-registration has officially begun, meaning we have all been (or should be) spending a good amount of quality time with Banner. While we at Blog cannot provide you with your advising PIN or any desperately needed overrides, we can give you the reassurance you need while freaking out about what classes to take and what to do with your life: Don’t worry about that stuff, focus on how hilarious all the course titles are! It’s time for another round of excellently researched course superlatives…

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Why humanities? Paxson weighs in

That scarf though

Questions concerning the worth of humanities may have always been present, but these concerns have become an obsession nationally—perhaps internationally—this year. There was the Florida Governor who wanted to charge students more for majoring in the non-STEM subjects. The unequivocally titled New York Times article “The Decline and Fall of the English Major” was essentially a letter to us college students, begging us not to neglect the diminishing art of writing. Closer to home, there was the Herald‘s report that 54 percent of students were concentrating in 10 subjects of our offered 79, English being the only humanity to grace the top ten. We can blame the economy, the government, the man; at the end of the day, it just means I’m scared of the fact my shopping cart has such ‘impractical’ classes.

Late this summer, The New Republic published an article by our very own President Paxson praising the humanities from an economic standpoint. While it may seem studying Plato, who never had a good idea for an app, or Jane Austen, who I doubt would have been the ideal employee for McKinsey, is both irrelevant to success in today’s world and of less value to our society than, say, taking CS-0150, Paxson argues that not immediately seeing the importance of something doesn’t diminish its importance. Translation: Randomness is key. Weird knowledge can be weirdly useful knowledge. (I’m sure we’ve all also had about five professors talk about how class they randomly took  ‘changed their lives’—I find it adorable every time.) Paxson also argues the importance of humanities concentrators in considering our place in an increasingly globalized and technologically advanced world. Whether you agree with all her points or not, it’s something to consider before Banner locks us out.

Check out The New Yorker‘s take on Paxson’s piece here.

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Brown Shops Local! (and more “Bear Necessities”)

Whether you’re looking for some last minute gifts for family or friends, or just want the opportunity to explore Providence’s shopping hubs, Brown is sponsoring a “Brown Shops Local!” event tomorrow, December 6th that will help you accomplish both tasks. The event is being help to allow students to “cross items off [their] shopping list while supporting the local economy.”

From 4-8 p.m. tomorrow, trolleys will pick up and drop off students from George Street at Rhode Island Hall, and take them to their choice of one of four destinations: 1) Westminster Street; 2) South Main Street; 3) Wayland Square; and 4) Hope Street. (More details after the jump.) Continue Reading

DSA: Drunk Shopaholics Anonymous

To my fellow Brunonians:

Recently, I’ve come to a sobering realization. I’m writing today to confess something: I have a dark secret. It’s taken me four semesters to admit it, but I have a serious problem.

I didn’t recognize it for what it was at first. Sure, it was eating up my time, my money, but goddamnit I can stop whenever I want to!

It starts with a couple beers. A shot of tequila or vodka, maybe. Perhaps some mixed drinks. Seems pretty harmless. You’ve actually dressed up and put some makeup on. You go out. Drink some jungle juice. Now you’re bored, so you go home. Alone. Suddenly, you’re online. You can’t stop browsing. Click click click.

Before you know it, it’s 7 a.m. and the athletes are rising for practice.

No, my addiction is not porn. It’s much more sinister than your weekly boner jams. My porn is Amazon.com, eBay, Macy’s and Forever21.com. I am a Drunk Shopaholic, and PayPal is my enabler.

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