We’re a tax-deductible sewer cleaning service?

The Jonas Brothers claim that they’ve been to the year 3000. According to them, not much has changed, but “they” live underwater. In the case of Futurama, “they” refers to the students of Brown University. Well, sort of.

Featured in the Futurama episode “The Mutants are Revolting,” Brown University is the “premiere institution of lower learning” for Sewer Mutants who maintain the sewers of New New York, the futuristic concrete jungle in which the show is set. This time-consuming and grotesque task is intended to prevent the mutants from protesting for equal rights. Continue Reading

Banner FAIL of the day

It’s a slow news day, but you can always count on Banner to provide some entertainment. Updating your address for the summer? You have lots of flexibility—like having your mail sent back to the 1980s.

Wait, maybe The Simpsons was on to something.