Signs That You’re in a Slump

Look, it happens to the best of us. It’s perfectly normal. It’s The Slump. Be it the classic sophomore-slump or a plain old mid-semester-slump, pretty much everyone, at some point in school, starts to feel like no matter how much (or, let’s be real with ourselves, how little) they try  — they’re getting literally nothing done. The Slump is a lot more common than you’d think. Here are some common symptoms to watch out for:

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BlogDH’s S/NC checklist


Today is the deadline to change the grading methods for your classes. (Get on Banner right now if you’ve been meaning to change but haven’t yet! You have until 5 p.m.) Since it’s the one thing about Brown academics that is apparently written in stone, you should probably carefully consider how intense you want this semester to be when deciding whether or not to take that class S/NC.

Check everything below that applies to you, and our generator will let you know whether taking that fourth class for a grade really is a good idea.

Should you take that fourth class S/NC?

I’m taking two (or more!) classes for my concentration.
I’m taking on leadership positions like it’s junior year of high school.
I just started Gilmore Girls on Netflix.
I spend more time in the SciLi/Rock/BarHo/CIT than not.
I’m off meal-plan …
… and I have no idea what to do with the kholrabi from my Market Share.
I’m also working a job.
I’m starting to realize that I really won’t care enough at the end of the semester to write that final essay about a geobiochemical-linguistic analysis of late-post-structuralist agrarian economies and what Foucault had to say about them.
Sometimes I, you know, like to have fun.
Like … really have fun.
Like the GCB is my idea of a night off.
I’m living off campus.
Living off campus is not as glamorous as people made it out to be.
I’m doing a thesis.
I’ve already had to choose between the schoolwork-friends-health triangle.
I’m taking five classes.
I’m a science concentrator taking that senior seminar in the humanities and oh dear god the reading doesn’t end.
I’m a humanities concentrator taking that one I-shoud-probably-take-a-science-class-’cause-it’s-good-for-me class.
“Do I have mono?” is something you’ve wondered multiple times.
I’ve already pulled an all-nighter.
I’ve already pulled multiple all-nighters.
I’ve napped in a school building that wasn’t a dorm.
I’m currently using this quiz to procrastinate an assignment 

A previous version of this quiz was published in September 2014 by BlogDailyHerald.


Should I drop this class? An interactive flow chart

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Shopping period: the best of times, the worst of times. We understand that finalizing your schedule is not an easy task. If you’re agonizing over the decision to drop a class, look no further. Consider us your own personal MeikleBlog. You’re welcome.

Why you should embrace S/NC

By now, your advisor has supposedly discussed with you the S/NC grading option. A number of adults and upperclassmen have probably told you that if you take more than a few of your classes S/NC during your four years at Brown, you won’t get a real job. Besides, why take a class S/NC if you were smart enough to get into Brown?  Well Mr. High School Hot Shot, there is a lot more behind this semi-caveat in the grading system than the principle that an English concentrator can take an introductory physics course for shits and giggles and vice versa.

I’m personally taking two mandatory S/NC courses as a freshman. One of them is an introductory writing course that takes place three times a week at 9 a.m., and it is my favorite class in my life thus far.  The other is a seminar open to all undergraduates on Gender, Science and Society, where last week we read an article about female primates orgasming in relation to reproduction, talked about it for two hours and called it a day.  Did I mention that my final exam for this seminar is an in-class workshop on editing a Wikipedia article?  At this point you are probably overwhelmed with jealousy, but you too can experience the wonder of S/NC.

First off, there are some things to clarify.

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Movies that Should Be Remade at Brown

Every now and then, I see a movie I wish I could get my hands on and remake with my own flair.  The movie doesn’t have to be unexpectedly bad, it just needs to be open to some re-envisioning.  Hey, the lives of armchair directors may be comfy and covered with a thin layer of Cheeto dust, but that doesn’t mean we’re wrong.  And since we’re at a school with a rich creative history, we can take our musing a step further and say, “I should totally remake this at Brown.”

So, which popular movies would be vastly improved by a relocation to our campus?  Here are four that would certainly benefit from getting the College Hill treatment: Continue Reading