Who to vote for for Spring Weekend 2011

Earlier we told you that BCA had opened up voting for spring weekend. If you were going through your iTunes playlists trying to decide who to vote for and felt stuck, here are some ideas of people to vote for:

1. Willow Smith. First of all, she’s nine. Do you need to reread that? Yeah, she’s nine. Second of all, her song “Whip My Hair” is pretty catchy.

2. Wyclef. He’s already a new figure on campus, so why not just add spring-weekend-performer to the list?

3. Snoop 2.0. He was so good last year. He gave us great advice on what to do when we wake up in the morning. He showed up an hour late, but he wore a Brown hockey jersey so it was okay. Enough said.

Green on the inside

To the 25 percent of you who are most looking forward to Snoop Dogg this April, here’s a little teaser for you — courtesy of the Daily Show, where Snoop was promoting his new record, More Malice. (What, you thought he was just coming by pleasant Providence to say hello?)

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Snoop talked about straying from the script when he recorded his voice for GPS (“If you get it wrong, I’ll let you know”) and Dr. Dre’s position on health care (“He definitely stands high on it.”). Jon Stewart asked Snoop Dogg if he was still in it for the music, to which he responded, “ . . . television, music, celebrity, you know, being able to get things for free.”

Appearing on St. Patrick’s Day, Snoop told Stewart he was wearing his green on the inside.


It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: the official Spring weekend lineup, straight from BCA. And it’s good. In order of performance:

On FRIDAY, we’ve got widely hyped reggae/dancehall-inflected Diplo side project Major Lazer.

Grammy-nominated MGMT will headline. Coming to us after a stop at Coachella, we’ll be among the first to hear live versions of the Wesleyan University progeny’s new CD. And we’ll probably be the millionth to hum out loud with “Kids.” Continue Reading