Find your snow day student

538210_10151194131085834_1199172584_nYou know the drill by now. Check out our Facebook album here and tag your friends frolicking in the snow.

Approval Matrix: Snow day edition

An approval matrix of fun versus destructivenessJudging from the veritable army of snowmen outside, snow-engineering is the school’s biggest new independent concentration. But because we love facilities for saving the world and keeping the end of days from happening, here’s a handy approval matrix between snow-bound shenanigans and accidentally causing a five-car pileup from a stray snowball.

WTF was happening on the Main Green? The ultimate snowball fight

This is why we love Brown.

Class cancelled Friday!


SNOW DAY! Cheers erupt at the Ratty! Music begins blasting in fraternity basements!

Check your email, folks. Due to the impending storm, classes will be cancelled on Friday, February 8. The blizzard is supposed to pick up at around 6 a.m. tomorrow and last until Saturday. Enjoy it while it lasts, and remember what we all learned last semester: staying productive during these things is harder than it sounds.