BlogSnowyJamz: Nemo edition

We suffered through a brutal weekend of 18 inches of snow, power outages, and crazy Ratty mobs. Here’s our Nemo soundtrack:

Jam of the Week – Chromeo – Don’t Turn the Lights On
Dear people who live on Thayer St, sorry your power went out.
Love, people who live on Governor St.

Alternative – Oh Land – White Nights
Oh Land  was a professional ballerina when she broke her back…. so she casually became a beautiful singer. NBD. (via her wikipedia page). This song is such a snow frolicking song!

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Approval Matrix: Snow day edition

An approval matrix of fun versus destructivenessJudging from the veritable army of snowmen outside, snow-engineering is the school’s biggest new independent concentration. But because we love facilities for saving the world and keeping the end of days from happening, here’s a handy approval matrix between snow-bound shenanigans and accidentally causing a five-car pileup from a stray snowball.

WTF was happening on the Main Green? The ultimate snowball fight

This is why we love Brown.

Students who do cool things: the igloo on the Main Green

While Snowpocalypse 2011 continues to make mobility difficult and socks wet, many students have taken this opportunity to make some really beautiful and intense snow creations all over campus.  Arguably the most impressive of all these, however, is the igloo on the Main Green right outside Faunce. Learn about it’s builders and their design, plus more photos, after the jump. Continue Reading