(Facebook) relationships are hard, and breakups are harder


Facebook is testing a new feature, which supposedly allows you to “manage your interactions with your ex.” What does that mean? Among other things, you can control how often you see your old flame in your newsfeed, message bars and suggested tags, all without them knowing. 

An electronic way to get over your ex on FB may sound stupid and childish, but admit it: things were way easier before you were basically prompted to follow their every move. If you have been constantly searching for and interacting with, say Christina Paxson, and then things go sour when you find out she’s married, Facebook won’t know that. Internet suggestions function on algorithms, so for all the website thinks, CPax and you are still tight. It will keep on asking you to tag her in stuff even though it is breaking your heart! Eventually, the algorithms would take into account your lack of interaction with her, and she would stop flooding your interface.

Now, instead of waiting for time to heal all stalking habits, FB and you can finally have the dialogue where you say, “Mark Zuckerberg, you just don’t get it, I can’t look at them right now.”

Sounds pretty great, right? Unfortunately, there’s a catch. This development is only at its testing stage for US mobile users, so the relationship had to have been FB official before the feature can be applied. Oh gosh, who has heard of someone’s relationship being sanctified by the grace of Facebook post the tenth grade?

For the sake of journalism (a BlogDH way of saying “an excuse for all of our dumb antics”), we knew what we had to do. Two random bloggers would have to throw it back to their early teens, enter a fake relationship on Facebook, publicly break up, and then explore this feature in first person, on their phones.


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Know your Lecture Board candidates: Brandon Stanton

Brandon Stanton, creator of the Humans of New York blog, with his camera February 22, 2013 across the street from Union Square in New York. Some like New York's skyscrapers, bridges, his energy, taxis or lights. But Brandon Stanton has set himself another challenge: photograph of 10,000 inhabitants for a blog now famous "Humans of New York." In two years, he has photographed 5,000 New Yorkers, children leaving school, tramps, fashionistas, New York with a bouquet of tulips, old lady with a cane, municipal employees, etc. And nearly 560,000 fans now follow his Facebook page.AFP PHOTO/Stan HONDA (Photo credit should read STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your photo circulate to millions of people on social media, this could be your chance (well, realistically, probably not, but still get excited). The Lecture Board has offered up Brandon Stanton as a candidate for Spring 2016, and this could be your chance to make it big. Stanton is the creator of Humans of New York, a blog that features photos of New Yorkers Stanton runs into on the streets, Started in 2010, the blog catapulted to success through the rise in social media use, and the HONY Facebook page now has over 16 million likes. In addition to running the uber popular blog, Stanton is the author of three books, one of which spent 45 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list.

“I’m trying really, really hard to be authentic. Sometimes I’m successful, but other times I overthink it and a lot of bullshit comes out.”

Posted by Humans of New York on Sunday, November 30, 2014


For those looking for an inspiration to follow a dream, Stanton is a classic example of someone who pursues their passion. Taking photos was not a viable source of income for a long time in New York, but he spent hours every day doing just that in an effort to share stories and connect New York. Stanton has become a type expert on interaction with strangers, with the ability to pull out intimate details of peoples’ lives in a comparatively short period of time. His ability to connect with strangers would create an interesting dialogue in a lecture setting, and Stanton could offer insight for finding commonalities among strangers within the Brown Community. Stanton has also closely interacted with Syrian refugees through a recent trip to Greece, Hungary, Croatia, and Austria. Given the current refugee crisis, Stanton might speak about the situation and offer insight on what it is like for Syrians to have to flee their country, often losing loved ones along the way.

“My husband and I sold everything we had to afford the journey. We worked 15 hours a day in Turkey until we had enough…

Posted by Humans of New York on Monday, September 28, 2015

Don’t forget to vote for Stanton or any of the other Lecture Board candidates here!

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Professors on the Internet


Brown professors are, inarguably, some of the coolest people out there. Not only are they wicked smaht, but they also find creative ways to make the material fun and relevant (Andy van Dam, anyone?). My linguistics professor once talked about Brangelina and other “celebrity ships” and, needless to say, spurred some much needed laughter, and, you know, concern curiosity about how much time professors actually spend on Tumblr. Many professors even have social media platforms that they use to interact with students, or simply keep as personal accounts to document their extracurricular interests. This is great because, really, who doesn’t want to know more about these amazing people beyond the online CVs and LinkedIn pages we all stalk?

Richard Heck (Philosophy):


“Most of what I put on it at first was just technical stuff: how to do this or that on my computer, since I’d always look these things up, figure them out, and then forget. It was as much for my own use as anyone else’s, and I actually do look stuff up there from time to time. The most read post on my blog, in fact, is this . By a very, long way. It’s had five more hits than any other page. Lately, I’ve mostly been putting recipes on the blog. You probably know my daughter, Isobel, and when she was moving into her apartment for this year, she asked me about various recipes we used to make when she was living at home. So rather than print them out or something, I put them on the blog, or just links to them, if they were already online somewhere. Every once in a while I’ll post something more political. I was doing this a lot last fall, but got busy….”

Thing you don’t want to miss: adorable video of Lily the cat.

Casey Dunn (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology):


“I started my Twitter account because I find it to be a very useful way to stay in touch with colleagues about their research, projects in our lab, and developments in the field.

I started creaturecast.org because I really enjoy the intersection of art and science.”

Thing you don’t want to miss: a very relevant tip for when you’re in a… tough spot.

 Joachim Krueger (Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Studies):


“There are 300 posts since early 2009. PT asked me if I would do a blog on self-perception. I said no, but also said that I would do a blog if they gave me a free hand on the topics. So, I have blogged on topics such as free will, happiness, religion, statistics, game theory and social dilemmas among others. The blog is a personal archive of thoughts, ideas, and reviews. I try to keep the audience in mind, but ultimately, I write for myself. Occasionally, I use relevant posts to add to my teaching. In turn, some posts emerge from the teaching experience in class.”

Thing you don’t want to miss: happiness is what??

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So you want to get on our Campus Story?


Snapchat has been my favorite form of social media since I first downloaded it a few years ago. In a way, it is the perfect outlet for our generation. Narcissism is celebrated, and the photos are saved in Snapchat’s database disappear and can never be seen again. Granted, there are some reasons to raise eyebrows at the app (for one, there’s the whole, ‘giving kids false hope that their internet trail will never be found’ thing…). Still, it allows us to post annoying pictures without the commitment of Instagram! You can never break the ‘two posts in one day’ rule on Snapchat – the more the better. Can you scribble poorly drawn penises on your friend’s faces when they aren’t paying attention on Instagram? I didn’t think so.

Snapchat has been in the media a lot recently, especially after their public rejection of Facebook’s $3 billion dollar offer. Some call it business smarts, others called it hubris; nonetheless, it has forced them to continuously innovate new features. Thus: the geographic snap stories. This feature, my personal favorite aspect of Snapchat, allows us to get a glimpse of fun and crazy stuff happening all over the world. This is the first time ever that we can see what the celebrities, partiers, and revelers are seeing all over the world. From the very comfort of our couch, we can experience carnival in Brazil, the red carpet at the Oscars, or TGIF in Sweden.

More importantly, we can see what the heck is happening around Brown, thanks to the ‘Campus Story’ feature. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been furiously trying to post whatever you can to get on. That’s because the Brown Campus Story is run through a very strict system, and each photo/video posted must meet set guidelines. Ok, I’m just speculating here, but we’ve made a list of things that will definitely get you increase your chances of getting on the Brown SnapStory.

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Facebook Profile Picture Roundup





You caught me; I am 100% guilty of obsessing about my Facebook profile picture to a point that it might be unhealthy. I had my last prof pic for a little over a year because I couldn’t find something to top it, but then I did, and now I’m happy. Leave me be, I’m a millennial, just living my truth!

While contemplating new options, I compiled some of the most popular profile picture options to date:


You on the Main Green, Faunce gleaming behind you. You next to/climbing Bruno. You in front of the Van Wickle Gates. You at Spring Weekend. You with a University administrator (I miss you, Ruth). You want to show the world how much you love your school, and with good reason. Brown’s a pretty awesome place and is pretty damn photogenic (especially in the fall).

2. #ibeendranking

Definitely blurry and definitely dark. Lights streak across your picture. It’s all a little pixelated. There are way too many people in the photo. Your tongue is sticking out, and you’re standing with a red solo cup in hand.  You’re in a basement of sorts, and there are dark rings of sweat on your clothing. Oh, so sexy.

This is college, right? Can’t stop, won’t stop.

3. Studying Abroad

What beautiful sites there are outside of Brown! You can’t wait to show off your new life as a worldly traveler at Oktoberfest, on a Scottish hillside, or right out side of Big Ben. What?! You’re learning to make real pasta in Florence, Italy?! Definitely profile picture material.

4. #tbt

Either you were adorably cute or adorably ugly as a child. No matter what, it’s endearing to see a younger version of yourself or to breathe a sigh of relief that time did you well. These are even better if you can find old Polaroids. Oh, to be so lucky and hip!

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12 Days of Spring Weekend: Ticketing statuses

Well. That was anticlimactic.

Yesterday, the BSA website pulled a Y2K and did not crash in the wee hours of the morning. But, true to Brunonian form our Facebook feeds were filled with snark and sass at the non-catastrophe.

We at BlogDH, rather than going back to bed like normal folk, decided to curate the best.


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