SOTU, bite-sized

In case you missed President Obama’s State of the Union on Wednesday night because you were gelling your hair for Fish Co. hoping to see DJ Pauly D, already doing work, or maybe just sleeping, do not fear. New York Magazine’s “Daily Intel” blog has created a 5-minute version of the entire speech. The actual speech was over an hour long, and although it would be ideal to watch the entire thing, it is understandable as college students to want to have a general idea of what the President said without watching the entire thing, so enjoy!

— Thea Aguiar

Talk of the Brown: SOTU edition

Welcome to BlogDailyHerald’s new feature, in which we accost random students and ask them to expound on various issues of importance or lack thereof. After the jump. a freshman, a sophomore and a junior opine on the State of the Union (assuming they could remember it) Continue Reading


10:21 pm WOW. Ok — time for FishCo?

10:15 pm – Plagiarizing yourself? Really?

10:13 pm – Time to appeal to the women. Yeeeaaaaahhhhhh

10:10 pm – Way to just BOUNCE out of your chair there, Nancy. Beating Joe to the punch every single time.

10:07 pm – What are those glass bottles sitting in front of Nancy? They look a little suspicious.

10:05 pm – Where’s Michelle? Flash to the crowd! Flash to the crowd!

10:03 pm – Sent from a concerned reader: “WTF is with all the neon????”

10:00 pm – We see you looking at your watch, Joe.

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Blog Daily Herald presents: 2010 State of the Union Drinking (Fish co. pre-) Game

As you (should) know, tonight’s the State of the Union. And as you also should know, it’ll probably be more fun if you’re drinking. So without further ado, Blog Daily Herald’s 2010 State of the Union drinking game.

Supplies: whiskey*, sweet soft drinks

*For students with classes tomorrow morning, the game can instead be played with vodka.


  • Every time the camera shows Sen. Whitehouse, Sen. Reed, Rep. Langevin or Rep. Kennedy, drink.

  • Every time the opposition boos an indisputable statement of fact, drink.

  • Every time Biden claps at an inappropriate moment, drink.

  • Every time Obama mentions America’s ideals while conspicuously avoiding mention of Gitmo, drink.

  • Every time the camera shows freshman Sen. Scott Brown, drink until he looks like Ted Kennedy.

  • Every time Obama mentions health care, drink, chase with sweet soft drink to counteract debilitating bitterness

— Ben Schreckinger