Late night snacking: A guide to food on Thayer

You’re stumbling down Thayer at 1:45 a.m. on a Saturday night, and all you can think of is how you can get your hands on some snacks as fast as humanly possible. At this point, you’re essentially a young Jon Belushi dreaming of stuffing your face with everything within arms reach. If you didn’t get that reference, check out of your friend’s dorm room and there’s a 90% chance you’ll find out who he is. It’s a precarious quagmire to be in. You know it’s late and have fewer options, but you don’t want to wander all the way back up Thayer just to find out your favorite take-out restaurant is closed. Never fear, Blog is here to give you a comprehensive guide for your drunken late night snacking habits. Constraint: Everything closes at 2 a.m.

Bluto 3


It’s some pretty solid Mexican food, cheaper than Chipotle, and has free guac! What could be better? Like its sibling further up Thayer, it usually comes with a long line, especially towards closing time. Top pick: Quesadilla with pulled pork and guac. Also, there’s no free water cups, keep that in mind if you’re in desperate need of hydration.


The All-American late night cafe named after Brown’s infamous (and not so real) professor Josiah Carberry. Although Jo’s is known for its spicy-with and fries, the real beauty here lies in its salads and quesadillas, although both of these aren’t always open towards the end of the night. Most students are pretty sure Jo’s only opens around midnight and is reserved for post-party gorging, yet unbeknownst to many, it actually opens at 6 p.m.

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Your first spicy with, described by your favorite movie lines

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My first semester is just half-way over and I’m already beginning to feel nostalgia for my first few weeks at Brown. In that ephemeral time, everything is new and exciting in a way that it will never be again. There are many “firsts” that you will never forget–the first house party, the first class we ever shopped, the first time at the Ratty. There is one “first” considered more sacred than others: the first spicy with. Losing your spicy with virginity is like losing your… well, you know where I’m going with this. Here’s a combination of your two favorite things: cheesy movie quotes (no pun intended) used to describe your first spicy with. The saga begins after the jump. Continue Reading

Happy Friday the 13th! Exclusive documentary screening today about Professor Josiah Carberry


Are you itching to check out the new Patrick Ma Digital Scholarship Lab? Yeah, we thought so. Calling Brown’s most curious minds (and all spicy with-eaters Josiah aficionados who want to know more about the eatery’s namesake): the Rock invites you to an exclusive screening of Made Not Born, a biographical documentary on the elusive “psychoceramics” professor, Josiah Carberry. (Yes, psychoceramics is the study of “cracked pots.” ) Come to the Rock for the 5:30 screening to learn more about the idiosyncrasies of the legend himself. Snacks from The Carberry Cookbook: From Nuts to Soup will definitely be provided, so no meal swipe or entry fee necessary!

We know you’re highly anticipate 2013’s most exciting premiere; in the meantime, check out this list of Josiah Carberry’s probable friends, relatives, and acquaintances who have walked through the Van Wickle Gates in the last thirty years. However, Brown’s top researchers still need your help. If you have any evidence about the legend himself or any of the Brunonians on the Thirty Under Thirty list, post to Instagram using the hashtag #josiahcarberry.

See you at the screening!

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Battle over the spicy with makes local news

hey new dorm, lookin' good

College Hill is used to food wars, but when the sacred spicy with is involved, people get particularly agitated. For the last few months, the University has been battling popular food delivery startup Crunchbutton about its delivery of the fiery chicken sandwich. Yesterday, Rhode Island local news channel NBC 10 got in on the hype, and has officially dubbed the case “Brown University vs. Food Delivery Startup.” Continue Reading

Crunchbutton is revamping its spicy with delivery

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 10.30.02 PM

Remember Crunchbutton, that awesome new website where you can order food from your favorite restaurants and have it delivered straight to your dorm? Of course you do, because the site’s gained incredible traction at Brown since it launched last semester.

One of the most appealing aspects of Crunchbutton’s concept is that it took the ever-popular spicy with, a Brunonian delicacy which had previously been anchored in Jo’s, and made it mobile.

Here’s the big news: Crunchbutton is no longer sourcing the sandwiches from Jo’s, but is sourcing them from Mirano Grill. Like all of Mirano Grill’s food offerings, these new and improved spicy withs are fresh and delicious; additionally Mirano Grill is known for speedily delivering all of its food, so won’t need to wait long for your spicy with. Grilled, cheese-d, delivered…it’s yours.

In fact, Crunchbutton wants to prove just how delicious these new spicy withs are: it’s giving out free spicy withs in front of the SciLi at 12 p.m. You won’t be disappointed; if you find yourself craving another spicy with, you can order another (…or seventeen more) on Crunchbutton’s website. We can assure you that it will get to your door faster than you can say “jkdhfkjashdfasdfdksjhafsdfkjahsdf.”

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PollerBears: Spicy with + spicy with = ?


How many times have you struggled to place an order for more than one spicy with at Jo’s? Does the word “spicy with” exist in the plural form? It’s hard to determine which way sounds the best or, most importantly, grammatically correct: does the spicy with fall in the exceptional category of the moose or of the goose? Or do we just tack the letter “S” at the end and call it a day night? Does it even matter? (…not because we’re feeling particularly existential right now, but because it’s usually close to 2 a.m. on a weekend night when we order.)

What is the plural of "spicy with"?

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