Blogify: Where is the Love?

While the Biebers and Grandes of the world have tons of popularity, there are tons of incredible artists that don’t have the same reach. To quote William Adams Jr., Stacy Ferguson, Allan Lindo, and Jaime Gómez, “Where is the Love?”

For this week’s Blogify, we’ve compiled a playlist of staff favorite tunes that don’t have millions of Spotify plays, or billions of YouTube views. In fact – with a couple of exceptions – they have fewer than 100,000 listens on Spotify.

You heard ‘em here first.

Wake Up – Lawrence
This song is an irrefutable jam. Plus Lawrence is headlined by Clyde Lawrence ’15 – and just opened for Blues Traveler. Get it into your rotation.

Mayor Bloomberg (Giant Margarita) – Awkwafina
It’s hilarious. A satirical-ish song about a girl worrying that giant margaritas are also going to get banned as part of NY’s almost-ban on large sugary drinks. “Please don’t take my freedom, my giant margarita.” This song is the voice of a SWUG generation. –Steph Hojsak

HiyHiy by Lostboycrow
So. Fucking. Catchy. Makes me feel like a badass walking to work. –Sydney Mondry

Demo – King Mez
King Mez has river-like flow, was featured thrice on Dr. Dre’s Compton, and his highest played song only has 12,000 plays on Spotify? Messed up.

285 – Kitty
When she raps, she’s got all the flow and wit (maybe even more) than ‘mainstream’ rappers. Along with some wonderful rapped lyrics, the song also has a techno-pop hook and chorus. Like come on. ‘Never bitter, never sounding rude/and positive, I milk it like a cow, I moo’ – Steph Hojsak

Tonight – Matt Simons
Ok I’ll admit I cheated on this one – it’s got the most listens on Spotify on this playlist (438,000) but it really should have 43.8 million at least. So its inclusion is justified. See also, Can’t Have by Steven A. Clark.

Halfheartedly – The Rare Occasions
They are a local band (students from Tufts and Berklee) but they are amazing musicians and have won major national songwriting awards. –Julia Ella

Go Back – Darlingside
They have beautiful harmonies/arrangements plus the song is sorta based off Back to the Future. –Sarah Campbell Tucker

Cry, Cry, Cry – Judith Hill
You will like this jazzy jam if you like Amy Winehouse, or just music in general.

But in the Movie Baby – Band of Gold
“A great ‘walk to class with swag’ song (especially in the rain)” –Charlotte Bilski

Iko Iko – Aaron Carter
This song was included because I was shocked to learn that a song I listened to over a hundred thousand times in second grade actually has fewer than a hundred thousand plays on Spotify.

Tea, Milk & Honey – Oh Pep!
I discovered the song / them on NPR Tiny Desk Concerts, and it sort of feels like two songs in one, which is fun. Really beautiful folk-y tune, and awesome vocals. –Sydney Mondry

Listen here:

Blogify: Your Valentine’s Day hookup playlist

Well, it’s almost February 14th again. Whether you are in a long-term relationship or dancing on your own, VDay can be fun and exciting; you just need the music to set the mood. Having had a traumatic experience having sex with “All of the Lights” playing in the background, I know how important a soundtrack to a good hookup is. So I’m here to help you out: here is BlogDailyHerald’s Sextion-approved Valentine’s playlist, filled with lots of smooth, slow, and sultry jams. Put it on and get down with your significant other, new fling, or your bad self. Or just put it on while you eat ice cream and watch “Bridget Jones’ Diary.” Whatever floats your boat. Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S. This may be ~*babymaking*~ music, but remember to use protection!

Blogify: You can Go the Distance

Finals period has descended on us, meaning long nights at the SciLi or Rock, the NDR, impromptu naps, and general stress and misery.

Everyone has different tricks to make it through finals period, from the perfect secret study space to the best study snack to even the favorite way to procrastinate a little longer.

To help you get through finals period, here is a killer study playlist of good music to study to, with some fun study break and motivational songs (The Climb by 2009 Miley Cyrus anyone?) scattered in.

Happy finals!

Spotify and Uber team up, bring happiness

Look how happy they are.

Look how happy they are.

You can officially control everything from your phone. You can already hail a cab, via the magic that is Uber, and stream unlimited music, thanks to Spotify. Now you can stream unlimited music on your Uber driver’s radio.

Yesterday, Spotify announced a new partnership with Uber that will allow premium Spotify users to control the music in participating drivers’ cars. This new service launches Friday in London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Nashville, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney and Toronto, with continued launches to come in the following weeks.

Uber is so excited about this new launch that they are giving users in launch cities the chance for ride-alongs and live sessions with artists including Andrew W.K., The Same Willows, Ximena Sariñana, Ansiktet, Professor Green, Diplo (of the Spring Weekend fame) Matt and Kim, Ricki Lee, Kevin Drew, and Jake Owen.

So, if you’re going home to one of these cities for Thanksgiving and you need to catch an Uber, tell your driver to turn off the oldies. You’re the DJ now.

Check out how it works in this handy video:

Jam on, folks, and here’s hoping Uber/Spotify doesn’t forget about Prov.

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Mercedes Sands, wife of former Bengals player Robert Sands.

After Taylor Swift removed 1989, her new horrible album, from Spotify, discussions regarding Spotify’s role in the music world were amplified (aha!). This discussion is expertly captured in the New Yorker‘s “Revenue Streams,” which asks the question: is Spotify the music industry’s friend or foe?

The New York Times‘ “Mishandling Rape” is a nuanced discussion of how rape allegations should be processed at universities. It’s an important read, especially leading up to tomorrow’s Janus Forum event and President Paxson’s alternate event.

The Atlantic‘s “What 200 Calories of Every Food Looks Like” is surely the most depressing read on the Internet this week. Spoiler alert: 200 calories = actually two bites of a bagel.

By far the most important internet content of the week is the Huffington Post‘s interview with Kel Mitchell, of Keenan and Kel fame. No, he’s not dead!

A conversation captured by Complex, on video and in text, between rapper Wale and Jerry Seinfeld about their friendship, the state of the music world, and the relationship between comedy and music is a must-see/read.

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Blogify: Spooooooooooky

Halloweek requires a scary amount (get it?) of planning. From crafty costumes to strategic party-hopping, this once playful childhood holiday has morphed into a stressful social experience as we’ve grown older. To relieve you of one thing on your to-do list this week, we’ve created a playlist for any Halloweek pregame. Enjoy the classic hits from your elementary school costume parade as well as some newer, “cooler” tunes.