SPRING2016: Course Superlatives

Pre-registration is upon us once again. In case you haven’t even thought about pre-registering because it’s freaking November and who are you to think more than an hour in advance, here’s your warning: Seniors register at 8 a.m. Tuesday (tomorrow), juniors on Wednesday, sophomores on Thursday and first-years on Friday.

Whether you’re deciding between that upper-level CS class and an experimental literary arts class or an 8 a.m. Monday lecture and a Friday afternoon seminar, BlogDH is here to help. Just remember: the secret to a great schedule is selecting courses based on their name alone.

We present the Spring 2016 course superlatives:


AMST0912: Unsettled Things: Objects and Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century America

…likely to have the best field trips
ARCH2744: Egyptian Art in New England Museums

…likely to have the most dangerous field trips
LITR1230: Latin American Death Trip

CLPS1720: Human Resilience

PHP1680: Tobacco, Smoking, and the Evil Empire

BIOL2350: The Biology of Aging

MUSC0221: Electroacoustic Improv Ensemble

…likely to bring out your inner child
PHYS0113: Squishy Physics

MCM1700: Theory for Practice/Practice as Theory

…reflective, literally
ENGN1480: Metallic Materials

…likely to blow up Barus & Holley
PHYS1170: Introduction to Nuclear and High Energy Physics

…useful on a Saturday night
PHP1520: Emergency Medical Systems: An Anatomy of Critical Performance

practical for crossing Thayer St.
ENGL2901C: Pedestrian Theory: Walking, Working, Waking

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BergeMash 2015: Your favorite rappers are teaching courses!

Shopping period is almost over, which means its time for BergeMash! This semester, T-Pain, Fergie, 50 Cent, Beyoncé, Kid Cudi, Sean Kingston, and Ludacris will be trading the limelight for the highlighter and hitting the classroom to spit some knowledge. These musical stars will flash their intellectual bling across nearly every department, so you will surely find a class that fits your academic track.

1. INTL0450—In Da Club: Why Turkey is so eager to join the EU

Professor 50 Cent will guide students on a multidisciplinary inquiry into Turkey’s repeated bids to join the EU. What does Turkey want most from EU membership? Political allies? Increased economic opportunity? A bottle full of “bub”? These and other questions will be addressed through a combination of readings and class discussions.

2. POLS1600—Wild’n Cuz I’m Yung: How Rand Paul threatens the GOP establishment

While Ron Paul is by all accounts old, his son Rand is shaking up the Republican Party. Rand’s libertarian beliefs are forcing many establishment Republicans to shift right or risk being labeled as not conservative enough. At the same time, Rand’s views occasionally align him with liberal policies; on the subject of legalized marijuana, he famously said to Bill O’Reilly, “You can catch me high, it’s all good, no biggie.” This seminar will trace Rand Paul’s rise to prominence and what he means for the future of the GOP.

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Sign-up for Spring Market Shares ends Wednesday


If your New Year’s resolution wasn’t already to cook more often, the impending climate catastrophe certainly proves the usefulness of being able to fend for yourself — Thayer can’t always be there. Luckily, sign-ups for Spring Market Shares are still open until this Wednesday, January 28th at midnight.

The Market Shares Program provides weekly shares of varied produce for students, faculty, and staff alike; additional shares of eggs, dairy, bread and meat are also available. All Market Shares products are local and sustainably grown, so it’s as healthy for the environment as for you. The spring shares include apples, pea greens, carrots, kale, radishes, and more, and will run from February 5th to April 23rd, excluding the week of spring break. For sample shares and more information, look here. Sign up now and be one of the cool kids all prepared with a stock of kale and organic apples when the next blizzard hits.

Image via Brown Market Shares Program.