12 Days of Spring Weekend: Don’t underestimate Dan Deacon


With his oversized frames and propensity for knitwear, Dan Deacon might come off as a relic from the days four to five years ago when ‘hipster’ was still a valid social label. Yet looks can be deceiving. His unkempt beard screams dilettante, but his electronic compositions scream transistor-loving Beethoven. In his concerts, he becomes a conductor of a full synthetic orchestra and as well as the party motivator every Bar Mitzvah yearns for. You can’t sit down during a Dan Deacon show—it is nearly impossible. In other words, that typical Saturday grogginess should be no problem as long as you catch his set. Continue Reading

Spring Weekend Artist Profile: Dave Binder

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 9.18.56 PM

If you think Spring Weekend only encompasses what takes place on the main stage, then you’re probably a freshman in for the biggest treat of your Brunonian life. The Spring Week festivities reach their absolute height on Sunday afternoon: after hours of hanging out with friends on Wriston Quad, Dave Binder takes the stage to strum his guitar and sing his heart out for the remainder of the afternoon.

Dave Binder is a mystical creature who defies Brunonian understanding. He has been working his musical magic here since 1987 and has returned every year without fail. Year in and year out, rain or shine, Binder transforms a seemingly simple concert at a simple venue with simple music—classics like “Brown Eyed Girl,” “No Woman No Cry,” and “Piano Man,” among others—into an interactive and euphoric spectacle of rock-concert proportions.

BlogDH had the opportunity to get to know the legend himself. In our interview with the one-and-only, Binder impersonates James Bond and sheds light on his take on the Brown-Binder experience, how he got into music, and, most importantly, his spirit animal. Binder’s full of wisdom…after the jump. Continue Reading

hey at least he's not wearing that ridiculous fedora in this one

Spring Weekend Artist Profile: A-Trak

hey at least he's not wearing that ridiculous fedora in this one

A list of Alain Macklovitch’s countless achievements as a DJ, producer, performer and entrepreneur would make for a pretty substantial profile—but Liam has already noted many of these in his great piece “Why A-Trak is the best choice for Spring Weekend’s electronic musician.” So curricula vitae aside, what is A-Trak going to bring to the table (besides perhaps the most suitable dance track for describing what far too many students will be doing on Friday, April 19)? A great goddamn DJ set. That’s what. Although I’ve left my EDM obsession in 2010, A-Trak’s surprise set at Ed Banger’s 7th Anniversary remains one of my top concert memories. Mixing turntable prowess (prowess might even be an understatement) with a deep knowledge of all genres of dance music, A-Trak provides a unique experience that’s impressive to diehards and dilettantes. Familiarize yourself with some of his production work and treat yourself to an exemplary set after the jump. Continue Reading

Spring Weekend Artist Profile: Dirty Projectors

dirty projectors

Dirty Projectors is an indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York that combines eclectic melodies and multi-range vocals to create “experimental rock you can still dance to.” Made up of the talented David Longstreth, Amber Coffman, Haley Dekle, Nat Baldwin, Olga Bell, and Michael Johnson, the band has produced seven full-length albums in the last 10 years. Its music weaves diverse vocal melodies with intricate guitar-work and obscure lyrics, creating a sound that will simultaneously surprise and intrigue you. The lyrics are often so incomprehensible, that even we, Dirty Projectors fans of many years, often find ourselves belting along in garbled verse. But sing along — after all, there is no such thing as shame on Spring Weekend.

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Spring Weekend Artist Profile: Big Freedia

Freddie Ross, better known as “Big Freedia” (pronounced Freeda), began her career around 1999 and released her first album Queen Diva in 2003.  Big Freedia identifies as a female.  In a recent interview with BuzzFeed, she stated: “I am a movement; I am an icon. I represent gays and lesbians all over the world. It’s about people expressing themselves without being judged or put in a category.” This is Brown, so obviously we’re into it. Hailing from New Orleans, Big Freedia is known for popularizing the genre of bounce music- a subgenre of hip-hop characterized by its “call and response” style structure. We can expect some audience participation.

Big Freedia first gained mainstream exposure in 2010 with her album Big Freedia Hitz Vol. I.  She’s known for her hypersexual lyrics, scantily-clad backup dancers, and unreal twerking abilities.  As someone who’s irrationally fascinated by the art of twerking, I cannot even express how excited I am for what should truly be an outrageous performance. Her lyrics are non-sensical and repetitive, bordering on chants, but it’s all the better for gettin’ down. This is dance-y dance music. Check it out after the jump…

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