Make your own St. Patty’s cupcakes at the Ratty!

Chocolate/Vanilla frosting and shamrock sprinkles. Not pictured: plain chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

Happy St. Ratty’s day! Say what you want about its everyday fare, but everyone’s favorite refectory never fails to pull out all the stops on special occasions. Go on over and decorate your own edible arrangements while supplies still last – you’ll need something in your stomach if you plan on making it through the day.

…and in salute to a favorite Irishman

A very different ode to St. Patrick’s Day. We love you, Mr. President.

Time-waster of the (St. Party’s) day

BlogDH checking in for the remix.

If you happen to be looking for an anthem for your St. Patty’s Day celebrations, this song should be in your top four. Listen. Enjoy. Find the freakin’ gold.

Sans Meal Plan: Cheesecake (with alcohol) for St. Paddy’s

Chocolate Bailey's Cheesecake? Yes, please!

This Saturday, March 17, is a momentous occasion in Ireland and America alike (though in few other places): the day we celebrate the Christianization of Ireland by Saint Patrick with copious amounts of green-dyed beer. Huzzah!

Lately, I’ve really wanted to make a cheesecake. Cheesecake is one of those desserts that seems really difficult to make, but is actually quite easy once you have a foundational recipe. But remember, not all cheesecakes are created equal. It seemed only fitting that this week I should test out my brand spankin’ new spring-form cake pans with a cheesecake. And due to the 100-year anniversary of Oreos, I wanted to incorporate the iconic cookie into my creation. To make this cheesecake even better, I threw in some cocoa powder (because chocolate only serves to make things better), made a dark chocolate ganache to pour on top, and added a whole lot of Bailey’s — after all, it is Saint Patrick’s Day! Continue Reading

St. Patty in the Ratty (and the V-Dub)

It’s St. Patrick’s day, and, naturally, BUDS is pulling out all the stops.  For lunch, they’ve set up multi-part build-and-frost-your-own cupcake stations in both eateries, with sugar shamrock garnishes included. Dinner will feature some pseudo-authentic Irish fare (sorry, Ratty, the cupcake trend began in New York, not Dublin), with corned beef brisket and colcannon potatoes.  Diners not wearing green will be forcibly removed.

St. Joseph’s Day

In case you were wondering what the deal was with these zeppole things at the Ratty, V-dub and Blue Room — it’s all in honor of the other big saint with a day this week, St. Joseph.

Don’t know how the pastries got added into the mix of traditions, but “San Giuseppe” — Mary’s husband — is big with the Italians, hence his feast’s importance in Providence. Unfortunately for us college students, the March 19 holiday isn’t used as an excuse for excessive drinking, but at least nobody’s going to pinch you for forgetting to wear red.