About that Spring Weekend lineup…

At 10:42 on Tuesday morning we received this email from Brown Concert Agency’s publicity chair:


We–along with much of our student body–had already been expecting a lineup announcement after a hint BCA posted on its blog. So when we got this email, we immediately published the list. This has been the protocol of our mutually beneficial relationship with BCA for years: it sends us information when it is ready to release it, and we immediately publish the information where hundreds of students will see it. So we were just as confused and frustrated as you when we realized The Postal Service was playing Coachella on Saturday and that this lineup was fake.

Other BCA members have since corroborated that this was, in fact, a fake lineup. The BCA’s publicity chair claims he never sent out the information. BlogDailyCrimebusters (read: our amazing webmaster who controls the gnomes inside our site) uncovered that the fake email was sent from a fake mailer website. Maybe the culprit is prankster Roniah Tuiasosopo. Maybe this whole debacle was a diversion leading up to announcement that the Rolling Stones will be headlining Spring Weekend. Wishful thinking? Whatever. Regardless, we’d like to apologize for the publication of false information. Additionally, we’d like to apologize to BCA, who works hard all year to ensure that our Spring Weekend is the absolute best, and we know that this year will be no exception.

The good news: The real lineup will be released tonight at midnight. Stay tuned.