Students who do cool things: Lucas Eggers ’13 and Tyler Benster ’13

Imagine a world where you could go online, find an object, buy it, and have it specifically printed for you. Three-dimensional printing, a method of additive manufacturing, has been on the rise for the last decade. This technology uses a digital model to recreate a 3-D object layer by layer. The cool thing about this method, besides the fact that you are basically downloading a real object from the internet, is that it can replicate any geometric shape or surface. Literally any object can be made, which allows for more flexibility and artistic expression when designing practical objects like furniture. Though 3-D printing has become more accessible recently, it can still be hard to find the exact model of the object you want and have it printed. This is where Azavy comes in.

Azavy is a company founded by Lucas Eggers ’13, Tyler Benster ’13, Mark Fischer and Michael Anderson. It allows designers of digital models to upload their work so that consumers can purchase and recreate them. For every digital model, bids can be requested by people who own 3-D printers to print that object and distribute it. Azavy then decides the most efficient bidder, which ensures that people get the most value. The whole idea is to create an integrated network of digital model designers and owners of 3-D printers, so that they can be utilized to their maximum potential. In essence, Brown students are making the future. Typical.