Holiday food, globally defined



                Thanksgiving in a nutshell

Thanksgiving for a number of college students was a chance to have a bit of familial comfort and a respite from the Ratty/Vdub experiences to instead indulge in pumpkin pie, apple pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and everything autumnal and awesome. But of course, not everyone at Brown celebrated Thanksgiving or ate Thanksgiving food; BlogDailyHerald went straight to the source and asked a few international students to share their own favorite holiday foods. We posed a survey to the international community at Brown and here are some of the answers we got:

For those looking to mix up the obscene amount of chocolate eaten during the holiday season (hello, winter break ’15), José Soria ’19 of Madrid, Spain,  has your alternative. Jose loves turrón, which he describes simply as “super Spanish.” Turrón is essentially a blank canvas for your sweet tooth dreams. Any variation of a block of egg whites, sugar, and honey is considered turrón, and add-ins typically include nuts and chocolate. (Side note: when I lived in Spain my host family had a basket of turrón on the table for three months surrounding Christmas and it was beautiful.)


For Ian Cheung ’16, of Hong Kong, his favorite holiday food is tang yuan, which is “composed of these little balls of glutinous rice filled with black sesame, in a kind of soup broth.” In addition to being delicious, tang yuan has sentimental value for Ian because “‘it’s a very non-Western sweet food that symbolizes family union,” and reminds him of visiting relatives and family gatherings in Taiwan when he was a kid. It also has the added bonus of being hilarious to eat, because according to Ian, tang yuan is super chewy and often leaves lots of black sesame seeds between your teeth.




    Does that not look ridiculously fun to eat?

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How I got my swag back: the Mid-Year Activities Fair

So. Many. Flyers.

So. Many. Flyers.

The Mid-Year Activities Fair does not get a lot of publicity. It makes sense, because joining a new extra curricular second semester is usually reserved for frosh and the upperclassmen who are having existential crises because they just broke up with their old extracurriculars and want to fill the void with new ones. For me, however, any gathering of trifold posters and free pens is a perfect excuse to snag goodies. I will confess that I had no intention of picking up any new hobbies. My goal (like always) was to steal shit that was already being given away, and get my mojo back.

aerial arts 2

This year’s fair was in Alumnae Hall, which was a bit awkward, because the last time I was in there was for SPG. Even more awkward, Aerial Arts was doing a demonstration on the stage… which they also did at SPG. Did someone mistake this for Throwback Thursday? Slightly disappointed by the lack of lingerie the students around me were wearing, I took the plunge into the equally sweaty and far less sexual mob. Let’s take a look at my haul:

Tech House: With a table covered in a Settler’s of Catan board and Nintendo 64 Cartridges, tech house had a very inviting setup. They had no freebies to give me, but I settled for the implied offer that I can come by and play drunk Pokemon later this semester.

That an axe is an heirloom, not even kidding.

That axe is an heirloom, not even kidding.

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Yeah, I’m like…liberal

Heated rhetoric. Pack mentalities. Buzzwords. Embarrassing gulfs between words and actions. Sound like Washington? According to a new study, it’s just you.

UCLA researchers, in a survey of college freshmen across the United States, found that all that squawking on behalf of liberal causes is actually just part of a trend indicating all talk, no walk… sigh. Among other findings reported in the Chronicle of Higher Ed,  71 percent of freshmen are in favor of same-sex marriage and almost half advocate marijuana legalization. In the realm of substantive activity, however, the freshmen falter. A paltry 6 percent planned to participate in political protests on campus. Moreover, results revealed a roughly 5 percent drop in student participation in campaigns at any level of government from previous years. Rather than spur political activity, the fictional travails of Leslie Knope and the Pawnee Parks Department have apparently only encouraged us to draw sophisticated parallels between Ron Swanson and an actual libertarian named Ron. Comments on the study’s significance after the jump. Continue Reading

Don’t miss the Herald poll results!

The Herald's fall 2011 undergraduate survey

Every semester, The Herald conducts a survey of the undergraduate student body on a number of issues. Some questions, such as approval of Ruth Simmons and UCS, frequently appear on the poll, while many of the others change each semester. This semester’s poll asked:

  • Whether or not students would consider joining an ROTC program, at Brown or another school
  • How many sexual partners students have had so far this semester
  • What students think of their class sizes
  • What students think of the number of admissions spots that are reserved for athletic recruits
  • How well students think Ruth Simmons and UCS are doing their jobs
  • How satisfied or dissatisfied students are with academic advising
  • How students see their families’ wealth compared to that of the “average Brown student”
  • How confident students are in getting a desirable job after graduation
  • What electronic devices students own

Check out the article with the full results here! (Disclaimer: I wrote the article.)

Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be publishing a series of articles, each of which goes into depth about one specific poll question. More reasons to read The Herald every day!

Students who do cool things: Eric Caruso ’14, Tetris Grand Master

Don’t even deny that half of that all-nighter at the FriSC was spent on Some of us are pretty good, some of us suck, but Eric Caruso ’14 is on a completely different level. He is a Tetris Grand Master, one of the highest ranks a player can reach in the online Tetris community. BlogDailyHerald asked him some questions on his mad skills.  Read the interview after the jump!  Continue Reading