DogDailyHerald, Vol. 3

Finals have rolled around again, which means our cravings for scruffy dogs’ luv are at an all-time high. Unfortunately, we can’t literally give you dogs to cuddle, but we hope this installation of DogDH will tide you over until you track one down yourself. Keep the pics coming to, and keep killing it in your end-of-semester shenanigans. We love you and you’re magnificent and you’re all doing great. (That’s what we imagine dogs would say if they could talk.)

John’s dog, Lach.

John Qua ’13: Both Lach and JQ “have long flowing blond locks, can devour inordinate amounts of ice cream, and prefer to be laying in people’s laps.”

Mary-Evelyn’s dog, Puppy.

The story of Puppy’s arrival in Mary-Evelyn Farrior ’14’s family is the best: “He showed up on our doorstep two years ago and has just stuck around ever since. He is the love of my life. This Halloween costume always kills me. He was also ironically stung by a bumblebee and had a severe allergic reaction on that very day. Although we lack great physical similarities, Puppy and I share an affinity for sleeping and snuggling that makes us rather alike in character.” Continue Reading

(Another) Study break of the day: BACKSTREET’S BACK, ALRIGHT

omgomgomgomgomg it's really happening

Everybody (yeaaaah).Rock your body (yeaaaah).

That’s right: In case you were wondering whether your favorite (or second favorite) ’90s boy band had, in fact, fallen off the face of the earth, Jimmy Fallon has made them relevant again. The quintet will be appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight to play their original holiday song, “It’s Christmas Time Again.”

The song is notable for lots of reasons, primarily that it’s the first song BSB has produced since Kevin rejoined the group. (Prodigal Kevin!) HuffPost calls the song “vintage BSB with a holiday spin — a festive tune that’s just poppy enough to dance to.”  Whether you’re finished with finals or in need of a break, there is no way that tuning in to watch this performance could be anything other than a good decision. I will be tuning in after the Sufjan Stevens concert so I can comfort my still-studying soul with a lil’ bit of Kevin–he was always my favorite. (Nick Carter is s0o0o0o overrated.) Below, a few marvelous BSB tunes to remind you what they’re all about. Continue Reading

(Another) Study break of the day: Four and a half hours of Disney

‘Nough said.

Study break of the day: Buzz Aldrin punches somebody

Feeling angry? We are too. Wish those people in the 00 decibel section of the SciLi would just shut the heck up and study? Yep. Bottle up that anger and send it to an 80-something Buzz Aldrin, who will pack it all into this fantastic punch:

Study break of the day: Koko the Gorilla

So most of us have been feeling pretty depressed during finals lately. But we’re not the only ones who get sad. Check out these fascinating videos of Koko, a signing gorilla, reacting to various sad events in her life.

Here is Koko reacting to a sad part of her favorite movie, Tea with Mussolini, in which a small boy has to leave all of his relatives:

We’ve all been there, Koko.

Or how Koko reacts to the death of her favorite kitten: Continue Reading

(Another) Study break of the day: The “Not Study Game”

Even though I don’t watch Nickelodeon anymore, Timmy still gets me… and you. You’re already playing. This is meta.