The Daily Beast “Ranks” Colleges

Many would like to think that The Daily Beast is a legitimate news publication, featuring up-to-date news stories and op-ed contributions from journalistic juggernauts such as Meghan McCain. Unfortunately, actual news on The Daily Beast is merely a front, rather than a focus, that keeps the website floating somewhere in the vast expanse between TMZ and CNN.

The Beast’s bread and butter, like any other news outlet, is celebrity gossip and pop culture news. The site, however, is “unique” amongst other celebrity news websites in that it insists on presenting its pointless information of choice by making extensive slideshow lists ranging from Hollywood’s Best Worst Teachers to TV’s Best Celebrity Weddings (have you heard of any other kind of celebrity wedding these days?). Now, the editors at The Beast have decided that its random categorization approach would translate well to college rankings. If you’ve spent your life wondering which American college Tina Brown thinks is the most “Free-Spirited,” the wait is over – where Brown University stands and reactions after the jump. Continue Reading


Here’s a useful tip: if you’re wanted for assault, don’t show up for sketchy invite-only movie auditions.  According to a ProJo news alert published today, state police captured 16 wanted criminals in a sting operation at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center after sending out letters to them informing them that they had been specially chosen to audition for a role in a movie.  No, seriously.  That’s what happened:

Capt. James Demers said police sent out around 1,000 letters, telling the recipients that they had been selected on the basis of age and other factors.

Only about 16 showed up, however.

Demers said most were wanted on charges of assault.  Those arrested were held in a makeshift courtroom at the center, and were to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon.