Who you should root for in Super Bowl 50

The Super Bowl is upon us yet again (sans Roman numerals this time) and odds are your favorite team won’t be there. This Sunday you will sit amidst plates of soggy, microwaved nachos, bitter Patriots fans, and the inevitable corny election-themed Super Bowl commercials, thinking about all the what-ifs. What if only Andy Dalton hadn’t gotten hurt? What if only Green Bay had won the coin toss against Arizona? What if Blair Walsh hadn’t missed the 27 yard field goal that a fat mechanic could have made?

Well, what if you could just suck it up, realize that only two teams can make the Super Bowl every year, and enjoy the game? Here are some reasons to root for either team. Take your pick.

Reasons to Root for the Denver Broncos


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Slacklining’s Big Break: Q&A with BSC President Hannah Varner

We know the Super Bowl halftime show is prone to mishaps and malfunctions, so when a geeky dude named Andy Lewis started wobbling on a rope last Sunday, Americans collectively held their breath. Thankfully, the toga-clad man nailed his routine by sticking a backflip as the camera panned to move on to the next spectacle. It was LMFAO’s moment, but many viewers were still fixated on the other curly-haired dude and his rope acrobatics. The fledgling sport of slacklining had been introduced to America.

Slacklining started with a group of rock climbers who decided to kill some downtime by balancing on inch-wide nylon webbing. Needless to say, it’s come a long way. People like Andy Lewis (whose messiah-status amongst slackliners was cemented after his Super Bowl performance) constantly further the sport by developing new tricks that involve jumping and balancing on the slackline. Over the years, it’s grown from an obscure hobby to a full-fledged sport with competitions across the country, and it’s only getting bigger.

Naturally, Brown students were ahead of the curve in terms of slacklining. The Brown Slackline Club, founded by alum Kyle Cackett ’11, has been setting up lines on the Main Green for over a year now. Since then, the club has been growing at a rapid pace. BlogDailyHerald decided to have a chat with the club’s president, Hannah Varner ’14, to get a better sense of the quickly rising sport and how it’s done at Brown. Check it out after the jump.

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