Mash-Ups of Songs With the Same Names That Shouldn’t Exist

… and how long I could listen to them for (each of them is roughly 2 minutes long.)



Nickelback x Miley Cyrus (or Hannah Montana… idk)

They say Hannah went off the rails, but they ain’t seen nothing yet.

HOW LONG DID I LAST? The whole 2 minutes. It was one of the first few I made.



David Bowie x 2Pac

Two classics that are great by themselves- and strangely, not that bad together. Or maybe I was just desensitised, because it was the ninth mash-up I’d made.

HOW LONG DID I LAST? Ashamed to admit it, but the whole 2 minutes.


3.Rude Boy

Rihanna x Bob Marley

Exactly as horrible as it sounds.

HOW LONG DID I LAST? 2 minutes, but only because I was horrified into   paralysis.

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Blogify: Surprise!

Based on the success of Beyoncé’s Beyoncé and Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, many writers in the music biz speculate that surprise album releases are going to be the next big trend. While we have columns like La, La, La Brunonia to keep you up on all the new music, sometimes artists sneak releases without warning.

Here’s a Best-Of’s playlist from albums that were released by surprise.

(We would have included Michael Cera’s surprise album from this past summer, but sadly he isn’t on Spotify.)