Reading Period Survival Guide: This Is Your Brain on Food

Assortment is key. Don't forget the flowers for a much-needed breath of life.

Thank God warm weather finally showed up, just in time for the first wave of pre-reading period freakouts. While many of us prepare to pack our bags, stick to our guns, and camp out in our carrel of choice, let’s be real: that’ll get depressing reeeal fast, and bummed-out-ness is no suitable mood for cranking out that 15-pager that you saved for the night before. Luckily, food is here to help (isn’t it always?). Library snackage is an easy enough way to lure people into being your friend and serves as a nice treat to punctuate the monotony of the exam cram. After the jump, some ideas for stocking your very own cornucopia.

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Reading Period Survival Guide: Clothing

Reading period.  The final days of your year at Brown have come upon you and even though the count may be diminishing, the assignments seem to keep piling up.  Not to worry because BlogDailyHerald has compiled a list of ways to keep your head above water during finals period in the Ocean State.

First things first: CLOTHING – this sets the tone for the entire day. Try not to get too fancy with it, because no one really cares what you look like  when they’re trying to cram a month’s worth of reading into 5 hours at the Rock.  Some dressing ideas after the jump.

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