Alums who do cool things: Susan Bennett ’71, aka the voice of Siri


Earlier this month, the Internet exploded when Susan Bennett ’71 revealed herself to CNN as the voice of Siri. Even if you don’t have an iPhone, you’ve surely heard of Siri, the always helpful and sometimes sassy iPhone application that answers all of your questions, from logistical to philosophical. Bennett, who works as a voice actress based in Atlanta, GA, was approached by a software company called ScanSoft in 2005 to record her voice for a new product. That product would become Siri, and the rest is history. Bennett took time out of Siri’s her busy schedule to answer our burning questions about Siri, her newfound fame, and how she envisions Siri IRL.

BlogDH: When did you record your voice for Siri, and how long did it take? What was the process like?
Susan Bennett: I did the initial recordings for what became the voice of Siri in July 2005 for a text-to-speech company—four hours a day, five days a week. I read hundreds of sentences specifically created to utilize every sound combination in the English language. I don’t remember them specifically, but some were pretty funny.  In addition to the initial recordings, I did some updates for close to four months in 2011-2012. Continue Reading