6 ways to beat “November Sadness”


Like Lana’s Summertime Sadness, except with more pumpkins.

The month of Halloween, otherwise known as October, is very much over. Though these spooky weeks brought spooky things (cold weather and midterms), the promise of end-of-month candy, parties, and costumes made it all worthwhile.  Now that October is gone, so is the illusion of prolonged and constant fun. Jack-O-Lanterns will be replaced with probably premature holiday decorations and the Monster Mash will be replaced with innumerable renditions of “Let It Go.” The sun will eventually start to set closer to the times that some of us wake up than to when we should be inside. What’s to keep a Brown student from just heeding Elsa’s advice and letting it all go? Blog offers you a couple of ideas!

1. Warm Drinks. October is still a bit too early to go hard on hot chocolate or apple cider. November? Bring on the hot stuff! If you are adventurous, December eggnog is just around the corner.

2.Thanksgiving break (!!!) October provided one restful and problematic long weekend. November will bring three extra turkey-filled days for you to enjoy with family, friends, Netflix, or for those of you who are ambitious, research to prepare you for finals [Ed. – noooooooooo]. Winter break is just long enough to help forget the pain of exams and allows for some well-deserved unwinding before the impending snow and homework take over second semester.

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Brown sweatshirts and sweaters, ranked

Perhaps in your rush to buy — if you’re into that kind of thing — your textbooks during the past couple of weeks, you looked at, tried on, or even bought some swanky new Brown apparel. And maybe, given this semester’s generally horrendous winter weather, you wanted to beef up the sub-arctic section of your closet. A Brown sweater or sweatshirt would be a great addition to your wardrobe, right? Well, as long as you can free yourself from paralyzing indecision over the seemingly unlimited options you have. Seriously, there are too many kinds of sweaters for sale, particularly crewnecks. We’re here to give you our favorites so you can cut through the Brown-themed clutter. Note: I’m a man, and, though I tried to keep this list as unisex as possible, but I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge about the women’s section of the Bookstore.

Hate. Polo.

10. Ralph Lauren quarter-zip. Death to this and its kind. This isn’t even one of our fake colors (see #8). I’m not at all a fan of the name-brand invasion of the book store (see: Under Armour). You’re paying upwards of $100 for a little white guy on a horse. If you grab some binoculars, however, you can see a Brown logo. I think.

photo (8)

9. Fake football jersey. Ok, I understand what the goal was here. You get to look like you just spanked URI in the Governor’s Cup, without the mud stains, concussions, or athleticism. The execution, however, is lacking to say the least. We were founded in 1764, not 17… 64.

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