The Career Fair and the Fountain of Eternal Swag

Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a woman with shockingly few marketable skills. I went to the career fair, but I didn’t get any jobs. Instead, I got an absurd array of freebies from various tech companies. I would tell you about it, but I’d rather show you . . .


A solid representation of cotton and tri-blend, the tees this year did not disappoint. Asana wins for softest material, while Andreessen Horowitz gets a nod for originality with their Henley. At this point, I am fully convinced that tech start-ups are the only reason that American Apparel is still in business.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft packaged their T-shirts like one of those expanding Disney-themed washcloths from our youth. Maybe this fabric was a Lion King hand towel in a past life?


Faux wooden glasses decimated the competition this year (the competition being a bunch of crummy, colorful, plastic sunglasses). The sock game was also strong, with rubber tracked hospital/SkyZone slippers, athletically minded socks from Trip Advisor, and FitBit bringing the fashion element. The meaning of business socks has just transcended its original derivation.


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The most significant gender difference: How to remove your shirt

The Evolution of How Women Took of their Shirts

If you ever enter in a room and see eight dudes attempting to remove their shirts, they’re not preparing for an orgy. Rather they’ve just been asked, “Have you ever noticed that men and women take off their shirts differently?”

I take pleasure in noticing the little things in life, because it’s the little things that usually provide the biggest awe. The discrepancy between men’s and women’s shirt removal provides me with this awe. But it’s not just that men and women have different ways of taking their shirts off, it’s that men look more like idiots when they do it. Continue Reading