Talk of the Brown: Corporation weekend edition

It’s Corporation weekend! What’s the Corporation, you say? Don’t worry Brunonia. Take a quick survey of the Ratty and you’ll find out that nobody else knows either. After the jump, four students step up to tell the The Herald what they think when they hear “the Corporation.”

We had some great answers, but our favorite is still the guy who declared, “I just want the Corporation to put a Chipotle on Thayer Street.” Have you no allegiance to Bagel Gourmet Ole?

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Talk of the Brown: Valentine’s edition

Felipe Umana ’11

Well ,Valentine’s Day to me is pretty much like any other day. I don’t know – I don’t really think of it as a holiday necessarily. Not really in a relationship, don’t really eat a lot of candies…

Jocelyn Bell ’12

I’m actually a big fan of Valentine’s Day, because at home whenever it comes up my dad always buys my mom, my sister and I a flower and gets us candy and gives us a card and just tells us how much he loves us. And he like taught my little brother and my older brother to do the same thing so they always do that for us too. So – I don’t know – it was never really a romantic sort of holiday for me because I never really celebrate it with a boyfriend or anything. It was always a family sort of event … for the guys to tell the girls how much they love them. I really miss it while I’m here, because I want to be home and have that sort of celebration.

Alex Ilstad-Minnihan ’13

I guess I didn’t used to like it – or I didn’t have any thoughts on it – but this is my first one with a boyfriend, so it’ll be interesting. I don’t know – maybe that’ll make it more exciting, maybe it won’t. I guess we’ll see.

Nathanael Lee ’10

It’s like every other day for me, just like my birthday, just like any holiday. There’s just work, and I go about the day normally.


— Hannah Moser

Talk of the Brown: continental breakfast edition

There’s one thing that every self-respecting Brunonian has an opinion about, and that is the V-Dub. It doesn’t have Magic Bars, but it has fans, and now they have one more reason to swipe in — the V-dub’s offering continental breakfast from 9:30 to 11:00, bridging the gap between hot breakfast and lunch. After the jump, opinions on the extra meal. Continue Reading

Talk of the Brown: SOTU edition

Welcome to BlogDailyHerald’s new feature, in which we accost random students and ask them to expound on various issues of importance or lack thereof. After the jump. a freshman, a sophomore and a junior opine on the State of the Union (assuming they could remember it) Continue Reading