Sans Meal Plan: Spring Week(end) Shopping

Gimme some of your tots!

Some of my fondest memories of Spring Week(end) consist of me and my friends eating all sorts of unmentionables at Jo’s post-concert and late night. Somehow, Butterfinger ice cream bars and Spicy Withs taste a million times better than normal when consumed in baggy Spring Weekend tanks. But now that most of my friends and I are off meal plan, it’s time to reevaluate our approach to Spring Week eats. It goes without saying that we’re all going to want our fair share of mozzarella sticks, cookies, and plates of onion rings, but how can we when flex points are a far-away dream?

My recommendation for you: do your Spring Week food shopping now when you have the time and energy to leave your apartment/dorm. Believe me, it’s better to walk to Eastside Marketplace this weekend before you have all sorts of social engagements than to find yourself with serious hunger pangs come Saturday afternoon. Here is my suggested grocery list for the upcoming week based on three years of personal experience. Continue Reading