TEDxBrownU videos make me feel good about myself

Especially as I reach the mid-point of my senior year, I have been over-rationalizing how I’ve used my time here at Brown. Yes. yes, I said that taking all those humanities classes taught me how to think and write and explore. But maybe, just maybe, I should have been been a science major? Maybe I should be taking computer science classes??? OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE.

TEDxBrownUniversity posted videos of eleven talks that were given at the event earlier this semester. I forgot to attend had other engagements, but alumni of Brown from many fields and careers talked about “life, learning and a liberal education.”

When everyone is annoyingly asking me “What are you doing after you graduate?” and “Are you going to law school?”, these videos remind me why I came here in the first place: to learn about something I’m passionate about, not to systematically determine the most profitable field. Some people are passionate about medicine, but I’m not. History is no less “real” and I truly believe that studying humanities has taught me how to be creative, curious, critical and innovative. I am (pretty) sure I’m not just saying that to make my future seem less horribly unclear.

Notice the use of the word “unpack” at 2:02 in the video above, and watch the rest of the videos here.

Lecture Board Presents Brian Greene

Everyone’s favorite theoretical physicist Brian Greene is giving a lecture entitled “The Hidden Reality” tomorrow at 7pm in MacMillan.
Want a primer on superstring theory? (Don’t worry, there are fun animations for those of us less familiar with parallel universes and the deep laws of the cosmos.) Watch the 2003 NOVA program hosted by Greene, The Elegant Universe, or his (shorter) 2005 TED talk on the same subject (above).