Look Back @ It: Thayer Street edition

As we transition from #fallfoliage to the cruel reality of a real New England winter, it’s easy to forget that College Hill sheds more than just its leaves every season. Shops and restaurants are constantly opening their doors, followed by a review by yours truly, and continue to exist for a period that ranges anywhere from 1 year to a century. The initial shock that inevitably hits Brunonia when a store is closed, followed by the sweet anticipation of a new franchise, is all part of the emotional rollercoaster that students experience during their time at Brown. Maybe I’m drawing too much from my own personal meltdown when Shades Plus went “out of business,” which for me really reaffirmed that nothing lasts forever.

Thayer Street in particular has witnessed a hefty amount of storefront makeovers, recently bringing a new Sushi Cafe (review to come!) into the old location of the beloved Spats, and spontaneously kicking out City Sports in an eight-day period of “EVERYDAY WE SELL IS BASICALLY FREE.”

After all of its ups and downs, Thayer deserves a post dedicated to its transformation through the years. Thayer Street, you may not realize it because you’re just asphalt, but we’ve known you since you were a baby.

Let’s look back at @ it

249 Thayer

Store 24 to Tedeschi to ???

The only online review of Store 24 is scathing, a direct quote being “You get a dirty feeling just walking into this place.” Tedeschi Food Shops eventually took its place and quickly gained a cult following with its bizarre yet price-friendly selection of goods. Tears were shed when it closed, and its disappearance even inspired a “ghost of Tedeschi” Halloween costume in Fall 2012. Now the storefront next to Chipotle is completely vacant.

257 Thayer

Esta’s to Toledo: Pizza in a Cone to 257 Thayer

The funky atmosphere at Esta’s included a gift shop, video rental business, and bike shop … but unfortunately the demise of video renting in general ended its reign in 2004.

However, Esta’s was soon replaced with Toledo: Pizza in a Cone. Reviews of this place ranged from “Hidden gem!” to “I had the misfortune of downing one of these pizza in a cone’s in January 2011.” Now the area is dominated by the 257 Thayer apartment complex … an arguable downgrade from pizza cones.


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Tedeschi really wants you to know that it’s closed

Looks like Tedeschi has closed its doors a bit earlier than it had planned—earlier in the week, signs on the door said it would be closing on Tuesday. Yes, there are actually four signs that say “We Are Closed” on the door, as if to quadruple our sadness.

BREAKING: Tedeschi to close in less than two weeks

It’s like a cruel April Fool’s day prank… or just another terrible Thayer Street tragedy in the middle of October.

According to employees at Tedeschi, the store will close before the end of the month. Tentatively, one cashier told BlogDH, the last day the store will remain open is Tuesday, October 23.

This is sad. So very sad. Without Tedeschi, who will sustain us when it’s past midnight and no other convenient store on Thayer Street is open (even though Providence isn’t technically asleep until 2 a.m…)? What other store in Rhode Island has such friendly employees, who still manage to smile and shoot the shit with random (scary?) customers despite having to wear corporate-mandated, blood-colored garb? Where else can we buy a Mean Girls DVD for $4.99 at 1:50 a.m.?

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The Netflix Files: September 20, 2011

If you still possess a Netflix account, yesterday you received a sad, sad email from CEO Reed Hastings. Mine began: “Dear Michael, I messed up. I owe you an apology.” The message proceeds to explain that Netflix had not anticipated such negative feedback to its recent change in price structure. It further informs the subscriber that DVDs will no longer be mailed under the Netflix name — now, mail service will operate through “Qwikster.”

The pricing hasn’t changed this time around (both services still cost the same as before, but now cannot be combined on credit card statements), yet the move certainly doesn’t help the company’s image. Especially since the Twitter name “Qwikster” is already taken, and by this guy:

The lovable, hungry-as-shyt Jason Castillo has received over 10,000 followers since Hastings announced the new name. Netflix has offered him $1k for his account, but Blockbuster is probably offering him more to keep it.

Last week we told you we’d keep writing about Netflix because it’s suddenly become an endearing underdog of sorts. This week, we’re gonna retcon all that and instead turn our attention to local, computer-free options for DVD rentals. Continue Reading