Everyone loves a good Mean Girls reference, duh.

Students who do cool things: Leonard Cooper ’17, Teen Jeopardy champion

Brown students are intelligent. Jeopardy contestants are often super-intelligent. Some really awesome people have Facebook pages dedicated to them. Leonard Cooper ’17 is bright enough, bold enough, and has an afro large enough to fit into all of these categories, making him one of the sharpest tools Brown has in its shed. Leo is the epitome of “one who does cool things”—he won Teen Jeopardy last year. And he didn’t only win, but he won $75,000—way above the average yearly income for a post-grad with a liberal arts degree. Way to go, Leo! We sat down with Leo to chat about his wild ride from a small town in Arkansas to a big studio in LA where all of his wildest dreams came true.

BlogDailyHerald: Why did you go on the show?
Leonard Cooper ’17: I was watching the show in February last year and they put on a commercial for auditions and I decided I wanted to be on the show. I’d been watching the show for a while and saw the commercial.

BlogDH: Did you study for the show?
Leo: [Really casually… like too casually.] No.

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