Glenn Beck has a lot to say about Bowdoin’s course options

glenn beckWe would say go watch this video, but you really shouldn’t unless you need some inspiration to break an exit sign while sober. It’s a nine-minute monster, and Glenn Beck doesn’t truly go off the deep-end until the final stretch. To give a short summary, Beck got a hold of a report detailing the “radical” nature of course options at Bowdoin—how do you pronounce that? (check 0:20 in the video). He recited the story in monotone and then went on to condemn Africana Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and basically all history that wasn’t about Anglo-Saxons as completely useless. Because, of course, classes like “The History of the Global AIDS Epidemic” and “Martin, Malcolm, and America” are simply unworthy of the ears of the lefty elite.

When we stumbled upon this clip, we couldn’t help but think Beck would have just as big a field day with Brown’s courses. Pre-registration for the fall is just around the corner, so make sure to check out these 10 courses after the jump if you want to maximize the man’s fury:

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