We love you, quirky study spots


There are two weeks left until Thanksgiving break. That means midterm season is back in full swing after its quick hiatus that started on Halloween and ended a day or two after that.

For freshmen who are still struggling to understand the idea of midterms when they happen more often than just “mid-term”: We have many midterms, which makes no sense, but we’re all too busy studying to take the time to change the terminology.

And you know what happens after midterm season? Finals. Finals come right after Thanksgiving, and those last about three weeks, too, because you have a final paper due just before reading period and then something else due during reading period and then a “final” during finals week.

So you’re going to need a library. You’re going to need a place to call home through thick and thin–and by “thick and thin” I’m referring to the width of the 12 Meeting Street cookies you get delivered to the study spot of your choice.

We don’t give our study spots enough credit for what we put them through. We stain them with blood, sweat, tears, and Mama Kim’s. Next time you find yourself in a sedentary position for seven hours straight–and no, I’m not talking about your intimate moments with Netflix–stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath, and look around you. We should not subject the aggression we have toward our workloads onto the places where we conquer them.

Next time you feel down, or get angry at the SciLi basement windows for creating a deadly greenhouse effect, remember why you love your study space. As 19th century poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning says in “Sonnet 43,” “How do I love thee, [study space]? Let me count the ways.”

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Chow Down Brown: Sweet specials for spring


The semester is not quite done, and neither is Aaron Fitzsenry’s culinary creativity. To send us into Spring Weekend and finals with full stomachs, he has some exciting specials planned that you won’t want to miss.

Tonight there will be a “Sweet Things Special” at Jo’s.  Games will be set up in the dining room, and you can expect chocolate-dipped strawberries and pretzels, ice cream floats with Gifford’s L.L. Bean ice creams, candy, some new varieties of fresh baked mini cookies, and grilled pound cake. At the “Three-Burners” station, Aaron will even be whipping up Bananas Foster Blondie sundaes.

Next week in the Blue Room, keep your eyes out for for Iced Coffee Floats on Wednesday, April 24. To kick off Reading Period on Friday, it will be offering Frozen Parfaits with either froyo or sherbert, fresh berries, fancy granola, and whipped cream.

Finally, on Friday, May 3, Dining Services will be throwing a BBQ Picnic on Pembroke field. According to Aaron, they will be “pulling out a grill and doing ribs, BBQ pulled chicken sliders, fresh lemonade punch, and a bunch of other things that I feel like bringing to a picnic.” 

Make sure to check out all of these events, and give Aaron a big “THANK YOU” if you happen to see him!

Study Etiquette: Shared spaces at Brown (that aren’t libraries)

This semester, I am taking my third visual art studio class at Brown. That means I’ve already gotten through two semesters of sharing List’s white-washed, fluorescent-lit workrooms without running into the kind of situation that I did a couple weekends ago.

It was the kind of situation where you can imagine yourself lashing out at those around you, but don’t actually, because you know it will be more fun to complain to your friends about it later, FlogDailyHerald-style.

So here it goes: I listened to a total of ten hours of K-pop (Korean pop music), all of which could be heard over the sound of my own in-ear soundtrack of sensitive girl music (admittedly there was some James Taylor in there) and the new Bombay Bicycle Club album (well, I had to make myself look cool after the aforementioned confession, didn’t I?). I tried to tune out my peers’ ambiance music, but alas, I did not succeed. I am now confident that I can sing more than half of these catchy Korean melodies from memory.

With midterms now upon us, the libraries have become packed with crazed, zombie-like students, influencing many of us to opt to study in an alternative location. Fortunately, Brown has lots of shared study spaces for you to take advantage of. Sure, they’re not libraries, but they still require you to use your manners and be polite. But how do you properly share those spaces with others? Check out our tips after the jump.

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Shanghai is back in the Blue Room

When the Blue Room unveiled its fresh veggies wrapped in cellophane and its spinach and mixed greens with accompanying dressing on the side (!), we thought it couldn’t possibly outdo itself. Or out-Mom itself. But just when you thought the Blue Room couldn’t possibly get any better, it’s upped its game yet again: Brown’s finest dining establishment has decided to bring back both Veggie and Shrimp Nime Chow and sushi from Shanghai.

While the aesthetic and varieties of the sushi haven’t changed from last year, it looks as if Shanghai’s completely revamped the Nime Chow: there are now three individual rolls instead of two… and while the two Nime Chow rolls were $7.95 last fall, you now can buy three rolls for $8.00 even. So yeah, you basically get a third roll for free. If you didn’t know by now that we love free food, you should really read Blog.

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Pre-Valentine special at the Blue Room today!

Today, the Blue Room will be having a special involving ice cream. To keep things mysterious, the food spot has been leaking details via twitter.

They’re also copping our tagline, Making Mondays Better™ (c/o Tim Natividad). ANYWAY, there’s only one way to find out what it is…

See ya there. Image via.

Holiday ice cream sundaes at the Blue Room

The Blue Room dished up some awesome ice cream sundaes today after advertising for it all week via Twitter (we retweeted their Tuesday tweet!) and in this morning’s Morning Mail (yes, Morning Mail has useful things after all!).

Who knows what other finals surprises may pop up….