Chow Down Brown: Andrews Commons rocks


On Monday, BlogDH had the opportunity to check out the new and improved Andrews Commons at a soft opening. We tasted food, played with drink dispensers, and generally ran around like kids in a Chuck-e-Cheese. At the beginning of the afternoon, Aaron Fitszenry, the saint of on-campus dining, warned us: “The food [here] is going to be unlike anything we’ve ever had on campus. Ever.” He most definitely lived up to his word — basically, Andrews Commons is the new holy land, and we are really excited about it. It’s truly a game-changer.

The Food: Antonio’s better watch out, because “AC” means business when it comes to pizza. We were able to try a pepper-jack cheese and chicken variety, as well as a BBQ Thai Chicken pie. The days of boring, single-topping pizzas leaving you hungry are in the past. These pies present you with an entire dinner laid out on a single slice. The chefs have truly stepped up their game with a stone hearth oven and premium ingredients including locally milled flour, organic produce, and cheese blends that we only thought existed in our sans-meal plan dreams. The new oven is also really fun to look at, because, well…FIRE! Pizza slices are topped with fresh and occasionally-unexpected ingredients like arugula and carrot shavings. Just recounting this experience is making us hungry for another slice.

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Welcome Back BBQ at the Gate Tonight

Last semester, the Gate held its first BBQ special event, which was an instant hit. Due to popular demand, the Gate is bringing back the outdoor BBQ special event. Tonight you can swing by the Gate for some ribs, pulled chicken sliders, watermelon, passion tea punch, and various other sides. Oh, and don’t forget the good music and swarms of freshmen from Pembroke. It’s sure to be a good time for all–and maybe a great soccer pregame for some.

Note: This event is part of a series of changes in Brown’s dining offerings. If you want to keep up with upcoming events at different eating locations, check out this Google Calendar. You can even sync it to your own calendar so you’ll never miss out on Ivy Room Carnival specials, Blue Room FroYo Parfait, Gate Oktoberfest, and whatever other cool events BDS has in store for us.

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Ra Ra Brunonia: Gates


Who’s down to learn about some gates?! After another brief hiatus, Ra Ra Brunonia is back and better than ever (yes, I have said this before!)! As a member of the Ivy League, Brown is forced to conform to a strict gate policy: in order to proceed onto a grass-covered quadrangle, a student must walk through/beneath a gate. This policy is strictly enforced, as evidenced by this…and this…and this.

Let me just establish this up front: Brown loves gates. We walk through the Van Wickle Gates during our first week on campus, we run through the John Nicholas Brown gate when late to our American Legal and Constitutional History lecture, we even have an eatery explicitly named The Gate. Gates are to Brown as Gail is to the Ratty; you absolutely cannot separate the two.

We begin with the most regal of gates at Brown—The Van Wickle Gates. Located at the top of College Street, the Van Wickle Gate has been a staple of the Brown campus since 1901. Named after Augustus Stout Van Wickle, who was incidentally killed in a skeet shooting accident (Ed.-seriously?), the Van Wickle Gates are only fully opened twice a year: towards campus during Convocation and towards downtown Providence during Commencement. It is traditional that seniors doff their caps as the pass beneath the Van Wickle Gates after graduation. As a side note, Augustus Stout Van Wickle also donated a fence and gate to Princeton University—the man truly loved gates.  Continue Reading

Chow Down Brown: Spring specials and a fried rice party


Something special is landing in the Ivy Room tonight. Because Aaron Fitzsenry “felt like Ivy Nights needed a little love in the Fried Rice department,” he decided to “make it a party.” You ready for this?

Existing items at the Fried Rice bar include: Peppers, carrots, tofu, egg.

New items to expect: Pineapple, green peas, mushroom, broccoli, sprouts, water chestnuts, baby corn.

Finishing sauces include: Sriracha, sesame Mirin sauce, sweet chili, wasabi/ginger, hoisin.

In other Brown Dining news, The Gate is going to see a “Gnocchi Gnight” sometime soon. Additionally, many of you may have noticed that Jo’s has started off the semester with a risotto bar. Design your own version—whether you add roasted red pepper coulis, basil pesto olive oil, or just have it straight up, it’s bound to be delicious. Follow-up specials will be loaded waffle fries and the crepe bar. Get excited, I know I am.

Your Superstorm Sandy (Cohen) Update: Eatery re-openings

Eastside Marketplace too far? Your pantry emptying at an exponentially quick rate thanks to our friend Sandy? Don’t worry—our friends at dining services have notified us of a few on campus eatery re-openings for today:

Jo’s and the Gate will be opening for their normal hours tonight (6 p.m.–2 a.m,).

Poppy’s, located in the Nelson Fitness Center, will be open at 10 a.m.

The Campus Market will be open at 2 p.m. today.

We all know Sandy Cohen would approve that we’re back on our eating game—he’d hate for you to miss that bagel and schmear. That is if you think you can brave the sun storm…

Risotto special at the Gate right now!

(Gate risotto probably won't come on such a fancy plate...)

Culinary Manager Aaron Fitzsenry is serving up fresh risotto at the Gate tonight! Get it while it lasts…

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